Does Vitamin D Cause High Calcium Levels?

Does vitamin D cause high calcium levels?

A recent news agency reported that taking vitamin D3 could cause dangerous levels of calcium in your blood. Called hypercalcemia, such excess is associated with confusion, dysregulated heart rhythm, kidney stones, and more. It is true that hypercalcemia can cause such symptoms.

But is it true that vitamin D3 is the cause? Unlikely. And when I say unlikely, I mean extremely unlikely.

The report had a vast amount of false data and exaggeration. Vitamin D3 is an extremely important nutrient. Please listen to this video to get the full story.

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  • Laura says:

    If you read the book Death by Calcium by Dr Levy, he doesn’t recommend taking D3 with K2. There are so many conflicting opinions out there.

    • Dr. Vikki Petersen says:

      It can be confusing; I understand Laura. I have seen very little conflicting date to the key actions of each vitamin. Based on all my studies the overwhelming agreement is that it is important to take them both to prevent the inappropriate deposition of calcium in the body’s organs and vessels.
      My recommendation is to take both.
      There are many areas that I feel I would love to get more data, but I truly feel confident in this recommendation.
      Best of luck to you.

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