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Root Cause Medical Clinics are unique...

because doctors work together as a collaborative team who share the same philosophy on health.

Your team of clinicians combine the best of Functional Medicine, Nutrition, Dietetics, Physical Therapy and Chiropractic. Your program is designed for you personally to deliver the ideal corrective program that will resolve your unique health problem.  

Clinics are located for you in Clearwater, Florida for in-person visits and “everywhere” for tele-medicine.

Phases of case - functional medicine

Do you want temporary relief or correction?

After many decades of treating patients, we have learned that you want Root Cause Medicine vs conventional medicine. In other words, you prefer to correct your health problem rather than mask it with drugs.

Root Cause Medicine is the only type of medicine we have ever practiced, and it is gratifying to know that you want what we provide.

Conventional medicine places its emphasis on managing your symptoms with drugs. Root Cause Medicine will provide you with the opposite approach: we diagnose and treat the underlying root cause of your health problems naturally, typically with no use of drugs.

Imagine this happens to you...

You are driving your car starts making a strange sound. You take it to your mechanic and he tells you what to do.

He hands you a bag of earplugs and says, “Before you start your car, put these in your ears. This will make the noise go away. When you run out of earplugs, come back and I’ll give you some more.”

The advice sounds absurd, until you realize this what you experience from the medical industry – a drug to mask your symptoms. When the drug runs out they supply you with more.

Other experiences include being rushed through an office visit, feeling like you were not listened to, your doctor making light of your problems or symptoms, and typically ending the visit with a new drug prescription. 

You will not experience any of that here. In fact, just the opposite occurs.

Patient Success Story of Michael

Ended up going to the ER a whole bunch of times throughout the year with all the symptoms I was having.

High blood pressure, shortness of breath, chest pain, high cholesterol... I had a lot of things wrong with me. The initial diagnosis was a hiatal hernia through an endoscopy but was dismissed at the cause for my problems.

The doctor told me to take a pill... there was basically no treatment.

We're all working together to solve the problem instead of a traditional doctor where , "this is what they think you have... take this pill and if you feel back... take a stronger dose."

With your guidance and your help, it just helps me to be the better version of myself. Right now, it's been helping me.

We are dedicated to solving your health problems

Our commitment is to solve your health problems, not prescribe medication to block pain or mask symptoms.

We are a friendly office where you are greeted by name.

Our doctors really listen to you. We know that the only way we are going to be able to truly help you is by understanding what is actually happening with your body, and you know your body better than anyone else.

We don’t pretend to be the right clinic for everyone, but if you like the idea of unraveling why your body is creating certain symptoms, and you are willing to make some changes in your lifestyle, then you’ll love our approach.

What you should expect at your first visit

The first step is to schedule you for a consultation. This is a no charge, half hour consultation to determine if we can help you and if so, how we would go about doing that. The initial consultation not only gives us time to get a good history and feel for our ability to help you, but it also gives you the time to see if we are a good fit for you.

An Examination is your next step

After your initial consultation, providing we feel we can help you, you are then scheduled for a thorough examination. You’ll meet our Medical Director or Nurse Practitioner at that exam as well as our Physical Therapist or Chiropractor, depending on the type of care you need to correct your problems.

After the exam, the team of doctors meets to review your case in detail and create a treatment program designed to return your body to good health. This may include one type of care or several, depending on your case, but it will be customized to you individually.

What you can expect from your Treatment Program

Your treatment program is unique to you. Your initial program will be refined as testing and laboratory findings help us diagnose exactly what is causing your health problems. Our doctors are expert in many medical disciplines and have a wide array of tests and treatment protocols at our disposal. State-of-the-art laboratory testing is one of them, and an integral part of performing the in-depth analysis at the heart of Root Cause Medicine.

The types of things you can expect from you treatment that are different from what you are used to in conventional medicine include dietary changes, lifestyle management, home exercise programs, and prescription strength nutritional supplements, to name a few.

While we strive to use natural methods whenever possible, we do occasionally need to use medications, usually in the eradication of an infection. But any medication used is done for a temporary period and never as the sole treatment.

Successful Results

On average, you can expect your program to last 3 to 4 months, but you will be given the precise estimate for you at your Report of Findings visit.

Our success rate is high - about 85% of our patients who follow our program achieve excellent changes in their health.

Call us to set up an initial consultation at (727) 353-0400 to see if we can help you.

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