Phosphatidylcholine (PTC)

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What are the benefits?

PTC helps eradicate your body from toxins such as mold, heavy metals, chemicals and pesticides, and infectious organisms. You can experience increased energy, decreased pain and inflammation, increased cognition including less brain fog and better memory. PTC’s safety record is strong. It has been used for over 50 years with no side effects. You may notice some loose stools or smelly stools as toxins are excreted from your body. Slowing the rate of the IV should successfully address any loose stools you notice.

What is it?

Phosphatidyl choline (PTC) is a phospholipid (a type of lipid or fat molecule that is the main component of all of your cell membranes) which is attached to a choline particle (choline is considered to be an essential nutrient that supports a variety of your body’s functions, including cell growth and metabolism).

Your body does not produce it in sufficient quantities, so you must consume it in your diet. The IV route allows for more ready absorption, especially when treating chronic conditions.

Who needs this?

Phosphatidyl choline (PTC) is used as part of our mold toxicity treatment, but it is also beneficial for high cholesterol, heavy metal detoxification, chemical or pesticide poisoning, neurological disorders, chronic infections, and longevity programs.

Best used for:

Anti-aging, Detox, Immune Booster


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