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You deserve exacting and personalized care. No Matter where you live

Root Cause Medical Clinic  has been practicing teleMedicine for many years, even prior to the COVID pandemic. Patients reached out to us from across the country, and internationally, requesting our help because they were unable to find a Root Cause Medicine approach locally.

There are very few clinics that have decades of experience in Functional Medicine and provide a team of doctors collaborating to identify the root cause of your exact health care issues.

The body can heal itself; it simply requires identifying what is overwhelming or overburdening it. That, in a nutshell, is our expertise and it explains why our success rate is so high at 85%.

Receive Highly Experienced, Personalized Care

Our doctors are known for incredible diagnostic skills and advanced testing resources that facilitate pinpointing the exact root cause of your health concerns.

Each program is personalized to you, designed for your exact needs.

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