The Root Cause Method

We uncover the underlying root cause that is creating your body’s ill health or malfunction, ending the discomfort and inconvenience of poor health.

Root Cause Medicine Works

Inherent in the Root Cause Method is three key precepts:

  1. The body is designed to be healthy.
  2. The body’s organs and systems interrelate and affect each other – no organ works in a vacuum.
  3. When the root cause of a health problem is discovered and the stressor(s) removed, the body is capable of healing itself in most cases.

Our main goal is to identify the stressors overwhelming your body.

They may be lifestyle or diet related, or they may emanate from a malfunction of an organ or system, such as the nervous system. The facts are, these stressors are inhibiting your body’s ability to heal itself.

Dr Vikki

Your body’s remarkable ability to heal itself is too often overlooked and underappreciated.

A cut heals with one doing very little to aid it; so too can the immune system kill cancer cells as long as too many obstacles are not overwhelming it. The healthy immune system, in fact, does kill cancer cells every day, but because we can’t “feel” this activity it’s easy to forget that it’s occurring.

Traditional medicine operates in a very different manner. A patient is tested to see if a known disease process can be found and if so that named disease is treated with an accepted drug protocol.

There is no thought to why the problem occurred or if it can be reversed or how future problems might be prevented. And, sadly, if the problem or symptoms being presented by the patient do not fall into a known disease category, the patient is frequently told that they are fine, there’s nothing really wrong, or their problems are chalked up to stress or depression, sometimes resulting in the prescription of dangerous psychiatric medications.

Drugs mask symptoms, create side effects, and provide only temporary relief or suppression of symptoms.

Sometimes a condition has progressed to the point where medication is required, but through utilizing root cause medicine and optimizing the function of the body, these medications can often be reduced or eliminated completely in the future.

What Creates Ill Health?

The stressors on the body can be structural or organ related. They include such things as a poor diet, infections, food sensitivities, inadequate sleep, emotional strain, and injury.

It is due to the vast diversity of potential stressors affecting your health that we have created our unique clinic, comprised of a variety of doctors and health care practitioners who work together as a team under one roof. The varying specialties allow us to successfully tackle most health problems while working together with you as an integrated group.

Our root cause method sets us apart from most other doctors whom you’ve met as it is based on the normalization of function rather than the treatment of symptoms. Malfunction precedes most major diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer and autoimmune disease by at least a decade if not more.

We don’t mask symptoms with a pill

Unfortunately, this is practiced all too abundantly in our country. Patients arrive to see their doctors with pain, digestive problems, fatigue and other problems only to be:

  • sent home with a drug that masks the symptoms, has potentially dangerous side effects and/or does nothing to address the root cause of the symptom
  • told their symptoms are “normal” or “common” for someone their age and to just live with it.

This is short-sighted because masking a symptom with a medication or ignoring it entirely, does nothing to address the underlying root cause -and that actual root cause is continuing to worsen as time goes by.

Imagine if malfunction could be detected early enough to be corrected prior to the onset of disease?

Imagine if correcting the malfunction could reverse many diseases already present? Would our life expectancy and overall quality of life improve? We believe the answer to be a resounding “Yes” on all counts!

Your Body is Designed to Be Healthy

Our bodies are incredible machines designed to function optimally, without symptoms, well past the age of 100. The body creates a symptom in order to communicate with us.

Symptoms are a sign of malfunction; they are not normal.

What happens when we take pain relievers so that we can’t feel the pain or the symptom anymore? Has that corrected the problem? Of course not. Temporary relief of symptoms is just that, temporary. It doesn’t resolve the underlying cause of the problem.

Most patients are never spoken to about identifying the root cause of their problem. The only option they’ve ever been given is symptomatic, temporary relief in the form of a drug.

Therefore, we are not surprised when patients sometimes look shocked at the concept of correction. They often are amazed that actual correction is available and ask why no one has ever offered it to them before.

Most Patients Wean Off Their Drugs

The success of Root Cause Medical Clinic is measured by such milestones as successfully weaning our patients off most, if not all, of their medications. Along with this comes restoring the body to optimal health, expressed in a functionality and vitality the likes of which most patients haven’t experienced in decades.

Upon completion of their program, patients frequently exclaim that they cannot remember the last time they felt as good as they currently do. They also comment that they didn’t know that feeling “this good” was possible, so instead they had simply given up believing that it was.

Fortunately, optimal health is an attainable goal and it’s to this end that we dedicate our clinic and our lives.

Root Cause Medicine isn’t a quick, temporary fix

The biggest “problem” in correcting the root cause of your problem, is that it isn’t fast. We’re not offering a “quick fix” here. You don’t just take a pill and have a symptom go away. It takes time to improve and restore normal function to the body. Most people realize that it took them time to get unhealthy and it therefore will take time to reverse the process.

The good news is that the restoration to health often takes a mere fraction of the time it took the body to get ill. On average our programs last about 3 to 4 months to complete.

We can find the root cause of your problem

In order to diagnose the underlying root cause of your problem, we utilize diagnostic tests and functional laboratory tests. We then design for you an individualized program.

This approach isn’t for everyone – some people truly would rather take a pill. But if getting to the root cause of your problem makes sense to you then you’ve found a doctor’s office that thinks as you do!

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