IV Therapy and Nutrient Injections

Powerful nutrients that address chronic problems, speeds healing and recovery

Are you ready to restore optimal function to your body and enjoy an unsurpassed level of health?


IV Therapy and Nutrient Injections have enjoyed a long history of efficacy and safety. Bypassing the digestive tract and delivering nutrients directly into your bloodstream allows you to gain the benefits of healing and enhanced function beyond anything that an oral supplement or food can provide.

Featured Service NAD+ Therapy

Experience the many benefits of NAD+:

  • Anti-Aging
  • Increased Energy
  • Mental Clarity
  • Better Sleep

Injection and IV Frequently Asked Questions

IV Nutritional Therapy is often used for its wide range of benefits, which can include:

  • Increased energy
  • Enhanced immunity
  • Improved mental focus
  • Longevity and Anti-aging
  • Improved gut health
  • Improved sleep quality
  • and more...

IV treatments are administered directly into your veins, giving you faster results. The powerful results occur due to the concentration of the nutrients used plus the fact that it bypasses the digestive tract. 

IV Therapy has been used for decades. It provides a very safe and effective option for a variety of health issues. 

These are personalized treatments, customized and designed to address your unique healthcare needs.

IV Therapy benefits a variety of individuals, from those who are fatigued, trying to heal from chronic illness including gut issues, suffering nutrient deficiencies, or weakened immune system issues, plus those desiring the benefits of anti-aging and improved fitness performance.  

If you suffer from a deficiency of a particular vitamin or mineral, IV vitamin therapy can be of enormous benefit. 

Patient’s Success: Kristin’s Story

"I wanted to take precaution of not getting COVID. 

I was feeling pretty darn great during that time.

After almost 3 years of not catching COVID... my symptoms were a stuffy nose, that was it. My recovery process was a day or two. I fully give the IVs credit.

Stella does an amazing job and this coming from someone that is terrified of needles. She does an amazing job at making you feel super comfortable.

I recommend it to all my friends and family."

Patient’s Success: Victoria M’s Story

I had been suffering with chronic fatigue, nerve pain, weight gain and hair loss. I had no “disease”, but I was unable to live my busy life due to complete exhaustion.

A series of custom IVs gave me my life back. The IVs were done as part of an overall program, but without them I am sure my healing would have taken several more months.

Thank you to the Doctors at Root Cause Medical Clinic.

Patient’s Success: Theresa V’s Story

Thank you so much for introducing me to IV therapy. When I started care I was not sleeping and having a lot of hot flashes, which in turn caused me to feel unrested in the morning. 

I've enjoyed meeting new people while getting my IVs. It has made me realize what a valuable tool in my toolbox of health these infusions are. I can say that after about the third IV, I began to have a more restful and deep sleep. This is helping me to have better energy during the day as well. 

Patient’s Success: Pam E’s Story

I wanted to let you know how much the UBVI has helped me with my Lyme symptoms.  When I first came to the clinic my brain fog and joint pains were rather debilitating.

Now I feel so much better. Honestly, I thought I would never feel good again. Thanks for helping me feel like me again!

Find out if IVs or Injections are Right for You

All treatment protocols are customized to you based on your goals and conditions. If you are interested in receiving vitamin injections or nutrient IVs, contact us for an initial health consultation – 727-335-0400

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