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Is Gluten Making You Fat?

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Want to Feel Great? Do What Dr. Phil Does – See a Chiropractor

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The Truth About Mammograms and Breast Cancer

Celiac & Gluten Sensitivity - Digestion

Gluten Sensitivity Can Cause Belly Fat

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Gluten Intolerant? What’s In Your Cosmetics?

Celiac & Gluten Sensitivity - Digestion

Does Gluten Sensitivity Really Exist? Learn the Truth!

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Are Eggs a Bad Food Choice?

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hormone imbalance and gluten - Headline

Hormone Imbalance & Gluten: More About the Connection

Celiac & Gluten Sensitivity, Food Sensitivities, Hormones Hormone imbalance and gluten, by Dr. Vikki Petersen. An article published in Gluten Free & More – Hormones are messengers that act within your brain as well as between your brain and your…

Finding Natural Relief for Hiatal Hernia

Hiatal Hernia To find a natural relief for hiatal hernia patients, doctors would have to use a different medical approach, avoiding masking the symptoms and core issues. The clinical research work done by Dr. Vikki Petersen’s medical team has led…

Root Cause Medical Clinic’s Approach

Leading Natural Health Clinic Makes Irresistable Offer and Free Gift Available Now

Uncategorized     Dr. Vikki makes an unbeatable offer of a consult and free book as a gift to anyone who wants to benefit from her vast knowledge and experience in the holistic medicine field – Twenty-sixth in an interview…

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