Vitamin D3

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What are the benefits?

The benefit of a vitamin D3 injection is it can rapidly normalize your levels of this critical nutrient allowing it to protect you from a number of life-threatening disorders.

Oral ingestion of the nutrient is often slow to improve levels or fails all together if the quality of the supplement is not what it should be, or you don’t know to take it with some fat. Also, if you are not absorbing fats well, that can also prevent oral supplementation from being effective.

An injection bypasses the obstacles of digestion and absorption, delivering high quality vitamin D3 directly to the tissues that need it.

The benefits of optimal Vitamin D levels are many: improves your immune system’s ability to fight infections, lowers your risk of cancer, reduces your risk of death from all causes, supports the health of your heart and lungs and helps to stabilize blood sugar.

It is an incredibly robust list of benefits in addition to keeping your bones strong, the earliest benefit for which vitamin D3 was known.

What is it?

Vitamin D is much more than a vitamin, it is a powerful steroid hormone that is critically important to your overall health and longevity.

Who needs this?

Considering 42% of Americans suffer a deficiency, and the problem worsens with age, we can safely say that most everyone can benefit from achieving optimal vitamin D levels.

If you are someone with a weakened immune system, low bone density, or suffer from diabetes, heart or lung conditions, this injection can be extremely helpful for you.

There is a big difference between what is considered “normal” on a blood test and truly optimal levels that will help defend you against infections, cancer, and inflammation.

Some of us can maintain adequate vitamin D3 levels with sun exposure, but it depends a great deal on where you live, exposure to the sun, your skin color and more.

A vitamin D3 injection can be a safe, effective boost to help you quickly attain healthy levels of this critical nutrient.

Best used for:

Anti-inflammatory, Immune Booster


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