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Hip and Leg Pain Gone!

“Before starting treatment at Root Cause Medical Clinic’s Physical Therapy department, I suffered from left hip pain that radiated down into my left leg.  My left groin was affected by pain as well.  I had been in and out of other physical therapist’s offices for some time without lasting results.

In the past 3 weeks, I have seen Dr. Petersen, who has adjusted my left hip, in combination with physical therapy. After only the first adjustment, the burning sensation and pain disappeared.

I have been holding the adjustments very well over the past few weeks – the pain has not come back, even after the rains the last few days. Typically I know it’s going to rain because my joint pain worsens.  This time I had zero pain despite the rain!

Thank you to the Root Cause physical therapy and chiropractic team – you guys are great at making your patient’s pain-free.”

– Luz G.

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