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Losing weight already!

“In March of 2004, I weighed 216 lbs. I had been on Weight Watcher’s for 6 months and struggled to lose 12 lbs. I knew that I needed to exercise but I had a fast-paced job and didn’t have the energy at the end of the day to even lift a toothpick. I felt burned out! I thought that something serious may be wrong so I went to see my General Practitioner for an exam. When I went to see my doctor she told me that weight gain was natural for a woman my age- I’m 50; and that I shouldn’t expect to look like I did in my 30s. And that I should be thankful that I was healthy. That answer was simply unacceptable to me. And I wasn’t in good health! I was clinically obese, depressed, I had asthma and eczema, I had pain in my joints and I had no energy.

My doctor gave me Motrin for pain, a steroid for asthma, a topical creme for eczema. I felt like I was back to square one, but now I needed a trunk for all my medications. One day at work I attended a brown bag seminar on Weight Control by Dr. Vikki Petersen. During Dr. Vikki’s lecture, I realized that I had many of the symptoms she described. I found the subject fascinating.

When Dr. Vikki offered a free consultation, I signed up. I went to Root Cause Medical Clinic and met with Dr. Rick Petersen who explained that the way I was eating was contributing to the stress on my body. I did lab tests and the results showed Adrenal stress. The doctor explained how the medical problems I was having were related to this condition. After 2 weeks on supplements and eating healthier I noticed that I was no longer craving sugar. I wasn’t going hungry and I felt lighter and less bloated. After 4 weeks I really began to feel better. The aches and pains had disappeared and my asthma symptoms were gone. My eczema was clearing up and I had started to lose some weight. After 2 months I felt even better.

My life was simplified with my new way of eating and I had more energy. By the end of the 3rd month, I felt so much better than I was ready to address the one big issue left which had been a problem for me since adolescence – my irregular menstrual cycle and PMS. Dr. Rick made some suggestions and by the second cycle, I noticed a difference.

My PMS has improved and my cycle is down to 33 days from its previous 45 days. My weight has begun to drop off. I’ve lost 2 pant sizes and 2 bra sizes, my double chin is gone and I don’t feel puffy and bloated any more. I feel better and look better and people around me are starting to notice. This program has worked wonders for me. I would recommend Root Cause Medical Clinic to anyone who is interested in improving their health. Looking back, I was probably heading towards diabetes. I’m thankful to Dr. Rick and Dr. Vikki Petersen for their dedication, guidance, and support in helping me. It wasn’t easy at first, but now I feel like a new person.”

Thank you!

— Carol P.

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It only took ten to eleven months of physical therapy and better nutrition to get them fixed

It only took ten to eleven months of physical therapy and better nutrition to get them fixed