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Root Cause Medical is giving the gift of health

“Before coming to Root Cause Medical Clinic I was controlled by food, hungry all the time, not feeling full once I ate, craving carbohydrates and getting into a circle of eating sugar and then trying to go off. I also had trouble concentrating, my memory was weak and I had trouble sleeping, being overly tired at the end of the day.

I had most of these symptoms since adolescence. Since I was treated with Adrenal support vitamins and for gluten intolerance, I feel free of my symptoms. I can sleep more soundly, I remember the notes on the piano, I have more stamina and….da-da…have lost and kept off 16 pounds!

I now eat only foods without gluten, sugar, and dairy, keep up my activity and rigorous exercise helps even more. I try to small meals, often, and depend more on nuts and fats such as avocado and goat cheese to satiate my hunger in between meals.

I am very grateful to the staff who have given the gift of health back to me.”


— Cecil P.

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Grateful All My Symptoms Are Handled!

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