Did A Virus Cause You To Have Thyroid Disease?

If your thyroid is hyper functioning common symptoms include: Rapid pulse Heart palpitations Weight loss Nervousness Anxiety Insomnia Diarrhea High blood pressure Why is your thyroid mistreated by conventional medicine? In women especially, the thyroid gland is highly underappreciated and often mistreated.

Let me defend my accusation with some common scenarios we see here at Root Cause. Which of the below have you experienced? You are diagnosed with low thyroid (hypothyroid) and offered medication as your only treatment option. You then enter the nightmare of trying to find the “right” dosage as you experience either no change in your symptoms, or new symptoms due to overtreatment, resulting in “hyper” symptoms.

You are diagnosed with autoimmune thyroid disease, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, which often causes hypothyroid symptoms. You are offered no solution other than medication to manage your symptoms and are told there is no known cause nor treatment available to reverse the condition. You are diagnosed with a hyperactive thyroid (Graves’ disease, an autoimmune disease) and are offered radiation or surgery as your sole option. You feel terrible with a variety of thyroid-related symptoms, but your doctor says that your labs look good and therefore does not want to make any changes in your treatment. Note: it is vital to perform labs, but doctors must never ignore your symptoms.

The last scenario is classic of conventional medicine, and something we consider to be its major downfall. As a “thyroid” patient you are treated based on your thyroid lab tests, often neglecting how you feel. The facts are your lab test may “appear” normal but if you have symptoms, the likelihood, in my experience, is that either the lab was not looked at sensitively enough, a full thyroid panel was not performed, or the underlying cause lies elsewhere, and your doctor is missing it.

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