Is There a Natural Relief for Hiatal Hernia?

Is There a Natural Relief for Hiatal Hernia?

To find a natural relief for hiatal hernia patients, doctors would have to use a different medical approach, avoiding masking the symptoms and core issues. The clinical research work done by Dr. Vikki Petersen's medical team has led them to treating this serious condition differently from the mainstream. Sixth in a series of interviews featuring Dr. Vikki. The transcript is featured below the video.



Natural relief for hiatal hernia: a different medical approach

Dr Vikki Petersen on a natural relief for hiatal hernia - Interview Host:
... So, a lot of these symptoms [of a hiatal hernia] sound like they're really debilitating in life. You know, talking about nerve pain, and panic attacks, and all of these digestive issues,... I imagine you guys are changing a lot of lives at Root Cause, doing what you're doing to provide relief for your patients when they're coming in...

Dr. Vikki:
Yeah, thank you for that. We do provide, really, the resolution -- I love to make the distinction between "relief" and "resolution".

Number one is appreciating that a lot of patients are given a lot of different medications that are completely unnecessary.

Wrong meds: not a natural relief for hiatal hernia patients

Like anti-acids that actually cause a lot of imbalance in digestion the longer you're on them.

They're given inhalers. A quick story: we had a young man in his twenties, he's in college and athlete. He's on a sports team, and he's 22 years old.
And granted, he had a history of digestive problems most of his life...

But it crept up on him to the point where his big symptom was he couldn't catch a breath. He not only couldn't do his sport, but he couldn't even walk around without shortness of breath.

When I spoke to him, he said, "This is it. My life is over. I can't breathe." What happened was he went to all these doctors, and even though there was nothing physically wrong with his lungs, they still put him on an inhaler because he couldn't breathe.

Now, what an inhaler does is, it's a steroid and is to raise your heart rate. What happened for him was he got on the inhaler and because the root cause of the problem was not the lungs, his panic attacks and his heart palpitations got worse.

So he felt 10 times worse on this drug. And it was all coming from his digestion.

That's what we do: we teach a person. They get a personalized program. "Okay, you have this list of symptoms, but why? How did you get there?"

Finding the root cause leads to...

Like the woman who's had a baby — everything kind of gets pushed up when you have a baby — and after the baby, things didn't normalize.

Or someone lifts something really heavy. They're athletic and they lift some weights wrong, and they strain everything in their core. And that created the [hiatal hernia] problem.

And again, more commonly, you've got the digestive imbalances of a poor diet, and food reactions, and actually infections that can be present in the gut.

And then lastly, you have the fact that all of this stress on your system — which makes your heart pound and you're short of breath — creates a lot of imbalance and stress hormones. The body is secreting all these stress hormones because you're not getting enough oxygen. So we have those as well.

And even though it is a secondary response to the problem [the hiatal hernia syndrome], we still have now an imbalance of stress hormones. Someone's feeling anxious, they're not sleeping well.

All of that is addressed naturally without any drugs or surgery...  End of interview segment.

... Finding a natural relief for hiatal hernia

Root Cause Medical Clinic is a unique place in Clearwater, FL where doctors work together as a team to combine the best of Functional Medicine, Nutrition, Physical Therapy and Chiropractic. While all the doctors are from different disciplines, they work together in an integrated fashion, utilizing the Root Cause Medicine approach to resolve your unique health problems.

What really sets us apart from most medical clinics highlights a very unfortunate fact about conventional medicine: it insists on treating symptoms by masking them with drugs.

Root Cause Medicine uses advanced techniques and testing to diagnose the underlying cause of your symptoms and resolve it for good. Treatment works 85% of the time if you are willing to make some diet and lifestyle changes.

Finding natural relief for hiatal hernia can avoid the trauma of surgery [which may be necessary in certain cases] and, most certainly, years of suffering with unhelpful medications that won't address the root cause of the ailment in any way.


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