• Stuart says:

    Gluten free diet can tak up to 18months to notice affects as receptors in stomach need to repair leaky gut syndrome

    • Dr. Vikki Petersen says:

      Everyone is different Stuart. Also remember that while avoiding gluten is a “must” some people never heal until they address other components causing inflammation.

  • William says:

    Diagnosed a coliac as an infant as failing to thrive and followed a very strict gluten free diet regime until teenage years. I had regular hospital testing throughout childhood into my teenage years. At the age of approx 15/16 I was taken off the gluten free regime by hospital and advised to eat normally. Now aged 57 after some years of abdominal discomfort I have had an endoscopy and blood testing and have now been told I should never have been removed from the gluten free diet? I have asked previously a number of years ago if this was an issue but never given advice to restart the gluten free regime. Still early doors but already I see a huge difference after just a few weeks Gluten Free. All advice online says I should never have stopped the Gluten Free regime and looking on here at the potential implications of type 1 diabetes and MS etc is absolutely terrifying. How can this be the case?

    • Dr. Vikki Petersen says:

      So frustrating William and I’m sorry you were given such poor advice.
      Moving forward there are several things that can be done to lessen the chances of developing other conditions that you wish to avoid. These are the secondary effects of gluten that conventional doctors do not look at nor have testing to evaluate. It’s all natural as regards treatment, but I would definitely investigate any possible secondary effects if it were me.
      Please consider contacting us for a free phone consultation – call 408-733-0400.
      I apologize in the delay getting back to you. For some reason your question was overlooked.

  • Connie says:

    I’m so confused because I was told I was borderline Celiac…what does that even mean? Any clarification would be greatly appreciated.
    My test results:
    Gliadin IgA Ab range is 0.0-14.9 mine was 88.8 H
    Tis Transglut Ab IgA range is 0.0-14.9 mine was <0.5 (I)

  • Timothy says:

    Is there a way to contact you, an email? I am currently in a situation similar to your posts. Thank you. (Timothy)

  • Jocelyn Malave says:

    My daughter is a type I diabetic these are her results: t-Transglutaminase (tTG) IgA
    t-Transglutaminase (tTG) IgA
    What does this mean? Thanks

  • Ivy says:

    Hey. I’m a girl 17 years old, who very coincidentally got tested for celiac disease 1 year ago since I stopped growing and I had no period. I got biopsy which showed grade 1, I had HLA Dq2 (I don’t know what that is) and Anti tTg IgA 21 U/ml positive but the doc said it was not enough to diagnose yet. Then I tried gluten-free diet for a month and suddenly my Anti tTg IgA got down to 10 U/ml but then I started to eat gluten again, and today my level of IgA has raised to 31 U/ml. What does that mean? I’ve no symptoms. Can high anti tTg IgA be caused by other things?

    • Dr. Vikki Petersen says:

      Hello Ivy,
      Sorry for the delay in getting back to you, your question got “lost” amid a great deal of others unfortunately.
      Yes, elevated tTG can be caused by other things, but you have the gene that makes it possible for celiac disease, the HLA DQ2 you referred to. Also Ivy, your tTG went down when you stopped gluten and elevated when you resumed.
      I would be more than happy to assist you in sorting out your diagnosis. Since you are 17, please ask a parent to give us a call and we can set up a free phone consultation – call 408-733-0400. This is our area of expertise and we would be delighted to help.

  • Cheila L Frayne says:

    My son was diagnosed with celiac disease 3 weeks ago and I just received his blood test results in the mail. I am in no way trying to “deny” the positive results, but after reviewing, I am skeptical. In all honesty, while I do not want him to have a lifelong sentence, I was relieved to have an answer. He has been gluten free since his diagnosis, but I am looking for some clarification on his tests.

    IgA TMCL 150 (60-337)
    Tiss Transglut ab IgA TMCL <1.2 (<4 Neg)
    Tiss Transglut ab IgG TMCL 7.7 (H) (<6.0 Neg)

    I assume they reacted because of the elevated IgG, but with the low IgA I'm not 100% convinced.

    • Dr. Vikki Petersen says:

      You’re right Cheila,
      The results are potentially not aligned with celiac.
      There are more metrics that should be looked at.
      If you’d like to receive a free phone consultation we’d be delighted to help. Sorry for the delay in getting back to you; your comment somehow was overlooked by my team.
      Please consider contacting us for a free phone consultation – call 408-733-0400.
      This is our area of expertise and we’d be delighted to assist you and your son.

  • Wayne says:

    Are there conflicting info in this article or did I misread this? Under the 6 stories of celiac cases, the first one mentions the normal range of t-Transglutaminase IgA is <= 5, while the second story says it's <20. Which one is correct?

    • Dr. Vikki Petersen says:

      Hi Wayne,
      Different labs are different and when it comes to celiac they are looking for highly elevated levels. But the problem with that is that more slightly elevated levels are negated which many disagree with. Diagnosing celiac disease involve “building a case” and taking many measurements into account.
      If you’d like to provide your symptoms and full test results we’d be delighted to help.
      We can offer you a free phone consultation to assist you in the best direction to take. Call us at 408-733-0400.
      We look forward to hearing from you.

  • Paul Molloy says:

    Still confused by my results (Anti ttg iga <1.9, & iga 1.4)

    • Dr. Vikki Petersen says:

      Those tTG results are negative but in order to help you I’d need to know more about your symptoms Paul.
      Feel free to contact us via the website: http://www.RootCauseMedicalClinics.com. We can set up a free phone consultation (call 408-733-0400) and decide the best approach for you.
      We’d be delighted to help.

  • Lisa says:

    My initial testing for Celiac showed my DGP IgA @ 83 units. The DGP IgG was 3 units. The tTg IgA and IgG were both negative. A Gluten Free Diet alleviated my symptoms of chronic diarrhea and my DGP IgA went down. But I was still not convinced that I actually had Celiac’s Disease especially after my egd and colonoscopy also came back negative. I asked for DNA testing for months as I can’t afford a GF diet if it is not necessary. My Dr told me to quit reading the internet. But finally after almost a year my Dr gave in and ordered the test. My DQ2 and DQ8 both came back as negative. I’m thinking I fall in the lines of NCGS. What is your opinion Dr Vikki? If the only test i had in the beginning that showed positive was the DGP IgA, what does that mean? Does it point to NCGS instead? Can I go off of this extremely expensive GF diet and just reduce the amount of gluten I consume? Thank you for your time. Lisa

    • Dr. Vikki Petersen says:

      Hello Lisa,
      I agree that you do not fall within the criteria of celiac disease. HOWEVER, and this is important, you do fall within the NCGS criteria and the diet recommendation is still a no-gluten diet.
      You do not want to treat NCGS lightly. It has been well researched that gluten creates a great deal of damage for the those with NCGS even though they don’t have celiac.
      I’m sorry; I know you’d like to hear that “less gluten” will suffice, but I must tell you that isn’t the case.
      Your long term health and longevity will thank you for the effort to avoid all gluten.
      Let me know if that makes sense.
      I’m happy to help!

  • Ashley says:

    There are celiac fully diagnosed patients with positive intestinal vili atrophy that do not carry the genes. This is even stated on the celiac. Org website.

    • Dr. Vikki Petersen says:

      You are correct Ashley, but while showing no villous atrophy is fairly common, not carrying either the DQ2 nor DQ8 gene is rare. And, the diagnosis of what exactly villous atrophy/inflammation IS precisely is also a problem. Thx for the comment.

  • Thomas says:

    Hi Dr. Petersen, my labs showed positive ttg iga ab of 19 (>/=4 antibody detected) however the biopsy could not confirm any intestinal damage. I’m worried maybe it was missed since only 2 biopsies were taken. I’ve been gluten free most days of the week since the lab results but haven’t felt any different. I have atypical symptoms. Is the ttg iga ab result high enough to take action? Wondering how to manage this long term.

    • Dr. Vikki Petersen says:

      Hi Thomas, I understand and have a lot of patients that have been going through something similar. I would have to have a consultation to give you more insight though. Unfortunately I’m not allowed to give personalized medical advice online to those that aren’t patients. Give my office a call and we can get you scheduled. 408-733-0400

  • Corina Eiler says:

    Can you help interpret these numbers for me? I have been suffering from stabbing and burning pain in my upper stomach off and on for 3 years so my Dr had me do a EDG and Colonoscopy. After she had me give a blood sample for these:
    Immunoglobulin A, Qn, Serum 238/mg, Deamidated Gliadin Abs Iga LC 5 units, Deamidated Gliadin Abs, IgG LC 3, units tTg lgG LC 2/ml,
    tTG LgA LC <2 She told me to start a gluten free diet and we will retest in 3 months. What do these numbers mean to you?

    • Dr. Vikki Petersen says:

      Hi Corina, I would love to discuss this with you. I can help with the labs, but unfortunately I’m not allowed to give medical advice online to those that aren’t patients. Give my office a call and we can get you scheduled for a consultation: 408-733-0400

  • Pauline says:

    I just had a celiac test done with only 2 numbers on it.. They are Transglutaminase IgA <0.5 U/mL <15.0 U/mL,
    IgA, Celiac 101 mg/dL 85 – 499 mg/dL. That is all they did, not sure what these mean.

    • Dr. Vikki Petersen says:

      Hi Pauline,
      It’s a little confusing.
      tTG IgA < 0.5 is definitely negative. You then write <15.0/mL, which I don't understand. Are you giving the range of the tTG IgA? What exactly was your result of your tTG IgA? You then write IgA, Celiac 101 - there is no "test" called celiac 101. It seems that the 2 values measured were all within normal limits but to be sure I would need the following: 1. Each test result listed, the result and the reference range. 2. What prompted you to get the test; in other words what are your symptoms. I'd be happy to help but I need some clarification. Best, Dr Vikki Petersen

  • Katie Scott says:

    Hi! Could you help me with understanding whether or not I have celiac disease. My doc said no. But I have severe nausea everyday, bloating, head and body aches. Extreme distention, fainting, anemia, hair loss and very low ALK on blood tests. My TTG igg and iga was negative. My Dgp IGG was positive. Anything over 10 was positive and I was a 16. Dgp IGA was positive. Anything over 14.7 was positive and I was a 15.3. I also have 2 DQ2 genes for celiac disease with put me in the high risk category. My endoscopy was negative which is why my doc is saying I don’t have it. That and the ttg was negative. What are your thoughts? Thank you so much for any help you can give. I’m desperate for some help.

    • Dr. Vikki Petersen says:

      I’m sorry I just saw this Katie. It’s sad that doctors still don’t know that a positive biopsy is no longer required for a celiac diagnosis.
      2 things:
      1. The diagnosis which it seems you have based on the testing. The only additional questions are if you see any improvement with your symptoms when you are 100% off gluten.
      2. Even if gluten is removed and you’re feeling better, more is required to fully rebalance your immune system, gut and hormones.
      I’d be delighted to help you fully sort this out but I need more data. Consider contacting us for a free phone consultation – call 408-733-0400.

  • Katie says:

    My results came back and the doctor continues to say celiac is likely but nothing definitive. I have been on an elimination diet (started after the first test) without gluten, so at this point, should I follow up with a GI for a biopsy? Or is this conclusive enough? Is there benefit to doing a biopsy to understand the extent of the damage given these results?

    2/28/22 (pre-elimination diet):
    TTG AB, IG = 27 (range is > or = 15, antibody detected)
    IGA = 239 (range is 47-310 mg/dl)
    Endomysial Antibody SCR (IGA) w/refl to titer = Negative

    CBC all normal except platelets that were slightly elevated
    HS CRP was >10 showing high levels of inflammation
    Thyroid panel all normal

    3/22/22 (one week on elimination diet):
    Gliadin deamidated AB IGA = 41.2 (range > or = 15, antibody detected)
    Gliadin deamidated AB IGG = 15.7 (range > or = 15, antibody detected)
    Endomysial Antibody SCR (IGA) w/refl to titer = Negative

    HLA DQ2 = Positive

    • Dr. Vikki Petersen says:

      Since you’ve been off gluten a biopsy doesn’t make sense. Your genetics are positive; you have a positive blood test (tTG), in order to fulfill the 4 out of 5 rule you only need to have symptoms of celiac AND feel better removing gluten from your diet. It’s important to realize such changes are seen over a 6 to 8 week period, not 1 week. I’d be delighted to help you fully sort this out but I need more data. Consider contacting us for a free phone consultation – call 408-733-0400.

  • Lara says:

    I am currently in the process of querying whether an endoscopy/gastroscopy is required for full diagnosis. I would like to hear your thoughts on whether you think this is required and your interpretation of my results.
    My results are below:
    Endomysial Ab : Positive
    Other result was either Gliadin Ab or Tissue Transglutaminase Antibody (tTG) (apologies cannot remember which was done), was told normal range is 0-20 and my results came out as 388. Should I be concerned about such a high number?

    • Dr. Vikki Petersen says:

      HI Lara,
      Yes, it sounds like you potentially have celiac disease. It’s important to not ignore these results.
      If you’d like a consultation, we’d be delighted to assist you: call 727-335-0400.

  • Dawn Moore says:

    How do I send my test results

    • Dr. Vikki Petersen says:

      Hello Dawn, Once you schedule a consultation, we can go over your test results. Are you interested in a consultation? 408-733-0400

  • Amy says:

    My DGP Iga was 21 positive but everything else on the panel was negative. I can’t get in to the Dr for another 2 weeks to discuss my results. Can you help me understand?
    What does the IGA sufficient at 314 mean? Thank you!

    • Dr. Vikki Petersen says:

      Hi Amy, we would have to set you up for a consultation to learn more about your health and results. Would you like to set that up?

  • Mama W says:

    Blood Test results for child age 14- stomach aches very common and trying to find out why…

    Wheat IgG Moderate 6.15 mg/L <3.5 mg/L
    Gliadin IgG Low 5.89 mg/L <3.5 mg/L
    Gluten IgG Low 5.30 mg/L <3.5 mg/L

    Says test is negative for Celiac Disease. Could this be correct?

    • Dr. Vikki Petersen says:

      Yes, that could be correct, but the results don’t rule out gluten sensitivity. We’d be happy to explain the next steps if you’re interested. You can call us for a consultation: 727-335-0400.

  • Marissa says:

    I haven’t had. Lood work yet but my new gastroenterolist has already done biopsies, it came back saying suggestive of celiac disease, does that mean a positive diagnosis?

    • Dr. Vikki Petersen says:

      It depends! We would have to see your test results and see our doctor. Please give us a call: 727-335-0400

  • Jeremy DeWitt says:

    Hello Dr. Trying to understand my test results…. I have symptoms of tons of gas, bloating, burning, abdomen pain, back pain, white tongue, etc… Had a biopsy a couple yrs ago, negative, got bloods done recently.
    Ttg iga neg
    Ttg igg neg
    Diam igg neg
    Diam iga 22. 3 positive

    • Dr. Vikki Petersen says:

      I would need some more data, but the deamidated IgA is suspicious. Consider calling us for a consultation so that we can discuss. 727-335-0400.

  • Marie L says:

    I had an IgA of 2 and an IgG of 40. My son just tested positive for celiac sprue with and IgG of 40. My endoscopy is negative, his was positive. According to 23&me I do not have variants in HLA-DQA1 or HLA-DQB1. I have had stomach problems all my life. My mom lives gluten free and she didn’t want to reintroduce gluten to test for it, but her life is much better. I think I should go gluten free…anyone agree? disagree? Thanks.

    • Dr. Vikki Petersen says:

      Based on everything you’ve said, I would recommend the lab test Wheat Zoomer by Vibrant America. You deserve to find out if you’re gluten sensitive since you don’t seem to have celiac disease. We can help you with the test if you’re inteterested.

  • Jeremy DeWitt says:

    I’ve been in pain for 7 yrs without a diagnoses other than gastritis and ibs. I have abdomen pain, tons of gas, constipation, back pain, large soft sticky stools, white tongue and more. I had a celiac test. ttg iga neg, ttg igg neg, Diam glad iga 22.3 positive, diam glad igg neg , all tests <15 total iga normal, Just had another endoscopy, found inflammation in Antrum, and duodenitis, inflammation of duodenum….waiting on biopsy.

    • Dr. Vikki Petersen says:

      Jeremy, I’m sorry you’ve been going through that. Our clinicians have a lot of experience in this area and we can absolutely help you. The first step is getting a consultation. What’s the best number to reach you at? Our office number is: 727-335-0400

  • Michelle says:

    My GLUTEN (F79) IGG test revealed <2.0. What does this mean? I tested negative for celiac disease. Which specific test do I need to take to rule out celiac genetic marker as it was informed one of my parents carry this gene.

    • Dr. Vikki Petersen says:

      Hello Michelle, We would be happy to answer your detailed question, but would need to first do a health consultation. What’s the best number to reach you at? Our office number is 727-335-0400

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