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I am back working at the profession which I love!

“At the age of 39, I was having extreme pain in my shoulder to the point where I was no longer able to do my job. The pain prevented me from moving my arm above my chest. I had a history of back problems and was used to some discomfort. The shoulder pain was not extreme at first but after I went back to work and lifted some heavy things it began to worsen. I ignored the pain at first. One week later it got so bad that I could not move my arm. The shoulder continued to get worse and would not heal. I went for physical therapy for some months, saw a chiropractor and a massage therapist with not much improvement.

I then decided to go to a back specialist and have an MRI done. The specialist could not see any problems from the MRI and told me that I was “just getting old”. He jokingly asked me if I really wanted to continue working when I told him that I was having trouble doing so. Not surprisingly, I was giving up hope and was wondering if I would ever feel better. I had told my sister-in-law about my problem and she referred me to Dr. Petersen at Root Cause Medical Clinic. I attended a lecture given by Dr. Petersen and learned a lot. I made the decision to investigate the Root Cause Medical Clinic for myself. After taking a few lab tests I discovered I had an allergy which was causing my adrenals to become exhausted and thereby preventing my shoulder from healing correctly. The decision to change my diet was a difficult one but my health is a priority.

After 6 months I saw a marked improvement in my health. My shoulder is much better and I am back working at the profession which I love. I am thankful to the staff of Root Cause Medical Clinic for their support, their sharing of knowledge, and their assistance in my journey towards health and wholeness.”


Jerry V.

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