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I feel like I have my life back!

“I came to Root Cause. I was in an exercise class and I nearly passed out. I wasn’t able to eat. I was vomiting almost nightly and aspirating. I have a large hiatal hernia. I suffer from Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency, which made it miserable to eat. When I ate, I was just bloated and uncomfortable. I spent every day in the bathroom either vomiting or having severe diarrhea, so I would stop eating for either the day or days. I wasn’t sleeping at night and I was gaining weight because I wasn’t eating, so I just basically was giving up. I didn’t want to go anywhere. I didn’t want to do anything, and I was basically going to work and going home, and not sleeping.

I have seen countless doctors, gastroenterologists. I’ve had two endoscopies, three colonoscopies, numerous, just the pills, 34 plus pills a day, change in prescriptions, just pills pushed on me. Nothing has worked and every time I’ve gone back to the doctor, just more pills. If this one doesn’t work, try this one. I lived on Immodium and then Lomotil just takes more Lomtotil. Then you have diarrhea. Just take more Lomotil, and more Lomotil, and more Lomotil until I wasn’t going to the bathroom anymore. It just was to the point where instead of taking Lomotil, I’m just gonna stop eating. It was too much and I just was at a point where I was hopeless, I was not gonna have a life anymore and I just would stop going out with friends because there was no life.

I think the first day I came here, it was amazing from day one. I met with Dr. Vikki Petersen and it was hope from day one. It was not, “Here take more pills.” It was, “Let’s get to the root cause,” which was amazing. I thought I was gonna be on pills for the rest of my life and one of the first things I found out was I never got a full breath because my diaphragm is too high, my lungs can’t expand. I thought, “Well, how come in 52 years nobody ever told me?” I started physical therapy and I think within the first physical therapy sessions. I could take a full breath. I thought, “Oh, well, it’s not that I’m too fat or too out of shape.” It’s, “Ah, there is a reason,” and I could start breathing. Then within, I would say the first week, I didn’t have acid reflux in the middle of the night. I wasn’t vomiting and I was doing the chiropractic and the physical therapy, and I would say I didn’t throw up anymore at night. We started the elimination died and I could eat again, and I actually wanted to eat again. I came back for one of my first check-ups and I said, “I lost weight.” I said, “Imagine eating and I lost weight.” How does that work? It’s just been ever since I have not had a vomiting episode at night. I have slept through the night. I think I’ve lost 15 pounds actually eating.

I haven’t even started exercising again and I’ve lost 15 pounds. I feel amazing and I feel like I have my life back. It has just been absolutely amazing. I can’t tell you. My friends and my family have noticed the difference in me. My co-workers have seen pictures of me on Facebook and they said, from the pictures even, they said I look amazing. I’ve got my glow back. I feel like a new person. People have come up to me at work and said, “I have friends who are struggling and they’ve been struggling, could you give me the name of the clinic?? I have passed it out at the nail salon, I have emailed it to my friends at work, my aunt at my family reunion last week asked me, “What is the diet that you’re doing? What is that elimination diet you’re doing? Could you email it to me?” I would absolutely recommend the clinic and I already have. It is fabulous! I’ve been singing your praises across the board and to everybody I know who has struggled, who have friends that are struggling. Absolutely, I would send everybody who has any kind of issue here and I already have.”

– Stella B.

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I’ve discovered the secret to life!

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