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“I wanted to thank Root Cause Medical Clinic and Dr. Preeti for helping me achieve outstanding results under your weight loss program. I first came to Root Cause Medical Clinic over two years ago. My main reason for coming was chronic fatigue. I was sleeping up to 12 hours per night and unable to make it through the day without a nap. I was also getting nasty skin rashes, headaches, and other problems that regular medical doctors were not able to cure. After being diagnosed as gluten intolerant at Root Cause Medical Clinic and strictly avoiding gluten since then, my health fully recovered. My fatigue and other medical problems completely disappeared! I haven’t needed more than 7 hours of sleep per night and have super amounts of energy. But even after adapting to my new gluten-free diet, I was still very overweight. I had tried every weight loss program ever devised- especially high protein, low carb programs. They never seemed to work for me. Then Dr. Preeti suggested I try a plant-based program. I was concerned at first.

At the age of 51, I don’t remember ever having a meal that didn’t include meat. But I figured I might as well try it since I’d tried everything else unsuccessfully. In the first 7 weeks of my program, I lost 33 pounds and my body mass index category dropped from “obese” to merely “overweight”.

This weight loss caused my pant size to drop from a 46 waist to a 38 waist and even my neck size dropped an inch and a half. I’m beyond thrilled with these results; it feels like I’ve discovered the secret to life. Women are looking at me again and all my friends tell me I look more than ten years younger. My energy is off the charts now and I’ve never felt better in my entire life! At my current rate of progress. I’m on track to be the same weight in the next 7 weeks as to when I got out of the Army thirty years ago. And the best thing about this new diet is that it is sustainable.

Unlike previous diets, I can eat like this for the rest of my life. I don’t have to eat just broccoli or all salads; I get to eat potatoes, rice, fish, and other foods I love every day. I have really adapted to this new diet and should have no problem eating this way in the future.”

– Ethan G.

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