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Life Changing Hiatal Hernia Treatment

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I’ve had amazing results here at Root Cause! Their approach is deeper than treating symptoms, to a point where we have checked over many different possible problems that could have led to the various symptoms I had going on with my body. Symptoms that would make life hard to live. Dr. Rick started by really helping me understand what a hiatal hernia is and then he went right in on a program to get it under control and then also guide me through tests and remedies to prevent it from returning, and to get to the Root Cause of all of my issues. I was put on a diet to eliminate anything the would add to the problem and that helped dramatically. I was kept on the diet by the dietician and I’ve been doing a series of chiropractic appts with Dr Sterling which address the physical issues that could have been part of it. All of that combined actually took my symptoms down to 20% or less. Most of the time I don’t even think about them anymore and can just live my life. Thanks to their whole team!! The approach is aimed at achieving true health and not just treating symptoms. And I never felt brushed off, like I have in other places.

Gina R.

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