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Lost weight effortlessly!

“Since starting menopause, I was gaining weight and feeling uncomfortable and different. My weight went up regularly (about a pound every 2 months) no matter what I did to prevent it. Even working out 5 days a week did not make a difference. I had to buy all new clothes to accommodate my increasing weight and enlarged middle.

After coming to see Dr. Petersen for about 6 months now, I can happily say I’ve lost weight pretty effortlessly. But most importantly I’m feeling better, healthier, and much more comfortable. I have no more bloating and no more hourly bathroom runs. The food I eat makes me feel good. I’m not hungry and my clothes fit more comfortably. This method works for me. Thanks for helping me feel better, look better, and eat better.”

— Rebecca T.

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I am back working at the profession which I love!