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My neck, back, and shoulder pain is so much better!

“The pain I had in my neck, upper back, and shoulder is dramatically improved since starting treatment at Root Cause Medical Clinic. My vertigo symptoms have dissipated as well!

I am extremely happy with my level of improvement. After intense physical therapy treatment, I feel more in touch with my body and have learned to be aware of my posture.

The Physical Therapy Department consists of a wonderful team of caring folks. I recommend them to everyone I meet. I’ve learned so much about my own ability, physical strength, and endurance. I am doing activities during my fitness sessions that I would never have believed I was capable of.

It feels great!”

– Myra L.

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Our patients’ smiles mean the world to us

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Physical Therapy improves patient’s recovery time

My energy levels have risen substantially!

My energy levels have risen substantially!

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