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No one has provided such a comprehensive, caring program as the staff at Root Cause Medical Clinic.

“I’ve been seeing alternative specialists for decades, yet no one has provided such a comprehensive, caring program as the staff at Root Cause Medical Clinic.

From the lovely, uber-efficient ladies at the front desk to the knowledgeable experts in the Physical Therapy dept., this facility is worth the high price tag, because they really care about healing the ailments that burden us, and—they are determined to get results.

I’ve been seeing these doctors and specialists regularly for over 4 months, initially for chronic digestive discomfort, then also for other problems that have arisen.  They have diminished or eliminated my symptoms of hiatal hernia, back pain, muscle tightness; helped to improve my postural faults; balanced my digestive problems; provided vast information and counsel on diet and nutritional improvements, and given wise, professional advice on my future health maintenance.

Co-founder, Dr. Vicki Peterson, served as my introduction to the clinic, having seen her fascinating lecture on the grim reality of Gluten Intolerance, which persuaded me to trust her approach.

Many thanks to Dr. Rick Peterson for his investigative, hard science testing for the resolution of my digestive problems. The numerous lab tests proved to be beneficial in isolating several hidden problems that needed to be addressed, in order for my intestinal tract to be healed–or at least–to be set in the right direction for complete healing. Other practitioners in the past have fallen short in their diagnoses.

Dr. Alicia Haglund is a smart MD who embraces a more holistic view of health, and I’m grateful for her collaborative advice, as well.

Rachel Mistry is an encyclopedia of nutritional information, keeping up to date on the best food products and trends in the whole foods industry.

Dr. Sterling Peterson is a young, efficient, and precise chiropractor with a tableside manner that is hipster cool and friendly.  His well-dressed appearance, like his father/mentor Dr. Rick, adds a professional, upscale touch to this clinic, which one might expect in the Saratoga neighborhood.

Dr. Rupa is an experienced and trustworthy physical therapy director who keeps the PT department running efficiently, aided by her staff of superb associates: Junior, who is an extremely well-educated young man with strong massage hands; Kenny, a tall, soft-spoken expert on muscle training and exercise; Cera, an exercise expert with a darling personality; and Ethan, another young man with great massage skills and a kind, intelligent demeanor.

Returning to the front of the house staff: Melissa, Stevie, Susannah, and Nandita are the friendliest and most efficient team in any medical office that I’ve ever encountered.

After the months I’ve spent in their care, I’m getting well, gradually but certainly, because of the combined efforts of this excellent team, who also reinforce the necessity of me doing my homework on myself, and not being dependent on them forever.

I highly recommend their philosophy and practice.” – Benjamin C.

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