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NO tiredness, LOTS of energy, NO pains!

“I complained that I was exhausted all of the time, my gut hurt most of the time and I had chronically inflamed and painful sinuses, AND the medical profession didn’t have a clue what to do with me as I appeared otherwise ‘healthy’ and they could find no CAUSE for the above problem.

Dr. Petersen said, ‘Be patient and work with us and I promise you that we’ll do everything we can to fix you up and get you feeling healthy again.’ Well, it’s been an adventure!

Our first major discovery was that when I eat gluten in any form my body mounts an immune response and I feel horrible all of the time.

3 months after quitting all gluten my gut quit aching, my tendonitis in my arms cleared up, my enlarged tonsils shrunk away to nothing, my sinuses got 100% better (after 25 years of pain!) and I felt much better.

The doctors never gave up on me, even though I live 2 ½ hours away and couldn’t visit often, they continued to check in on me with ‘How are you doing NOW?’

Well, with the most recent discovery that I am very carbohydrate sensitive, I FINALLY feel HEALTHY again. NO tiredness, LOTS of energy, no pains, no stomach aches, no sinus problems … YEAH!!!!

This note is to say ‘Thank You’… my life is happy and wonderful because I actually feel healthy ALL OF THE TIME!

If you need help with your Health, put yourself in their hands… they CAN help, they WANT to help, they LOVE helping and you’ll feel better… just remember, be patient!”


— Christine K.
Photographer, Sacramento

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A True Lifesaver!

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