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Nurse Loses 30 Pounds and Regains Energy

By profession, I am a registered nurse. In the hospital, I have seen so many patients dying from a degenerative disease that could have been prevented through better nutrition. I began studying functional medicine and adopted a whole food plant-based diet several years ago. By all rights, I should have been perfectly healthy but I felt bloated and gassy, my energy levels had definitely declined and I was over 30 lb overweight. Additionally, my blood tests revealed high cholesterol.

I knew I needed to take things to the next level so I came to Root Cause Medical Clinic.  I was very impressed with how the doctors truly did find the root cause of my health issues.

It was a journey, but I feel like a new person – all my digestive complaints have vanished, my blood tests look great, and perhaps best of all, I’m thirty pounds lighter.

I had forgotten my energy level could be so high. I definitely run circles around friends my age and my family has definitely noticed a difference. It’s fun to feel great and I would definitely recommend Root Cause Medical Clinic to anyone. In fact, my daughters have become patients and they too have noticed remarkable changes in their health.

Thank you!

– Margaret S., Registered Nurse

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They brought me to a level where I was comfortable doing the diet and exercise!

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