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Root Cause Deserves 10 Stars

If I could give 10 stars I would. I arrived in bad shape… Covid had hit me hard and I wasn’t recovering physically even after two months. I felt weak, I had been overweight for over a decade, I couldn’t taste or smell, there was so much inflammation in my body and I felt extremely unhealthy. We did thorough tests, worked with factual data, and did a program to cover medical, functional medicine, physical therapy, chiropractic, nutrition and even IV therapy. A few months later not only am I healthier, stronger, more vibrant and alive… but I lost 40 pounds in the process. And it wasn’t an effort, for the first time in my life the weight just melted off and I feel like myself again. Their care, guidance, support and know-how is just tremendous. I consider them my team on my pathway to ideal health. Could not recommend enough!

– Milena F.

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5 lbs. away from my goal!

5 lbs. away from my goal!

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I am no longer plagued by nagging pain

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