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Thanks to Root Cause, Patient Gets to Enjoy Life Once Again

I’m a healthcare provider I was trained in conventional western medicine, however even during my training I felt something was awry with the paradigm of care, I always knew deep in my heart there were better ways to approach health and headlines. I had a dream of learning functional medicine, yet found reason after reason not to  pursue my dream and stayed in conventional health care. Then one day in 2015 after being under immense stress and working 14-hour days, taking prescription medications for my ailments and eating terribly, when I did eat something horrible happened. I started not to feel well at work, my heart was racing that night I felt off, and I had trouble falling asleep. I woke the next morning with anxiety so excruciating I had to be checked for an adrenal tumor. I had word finding problems couldn’t remember things I experienced electric shocks by the hundreds per day couldn’t handle anything stimulating. I ended up out of work, seeing doctor after doctor Stanford neurology the best psychiatrist and neuro plastician in the country, had extensive tests, nothing. Everyone told me I was anxious I lost my hobbies, my friends, my work, my life. I couldn’t carry on a conversation every aspect of my life was ruined. I was given medications (pharmaceuticals) that masked enough that I could work in limited capacity but I was suffering day in and day out. I would say everyday the grief was overwhelming no one knew what to do. I spent 5 years that way, deep in my heart I knew what I needed. That’s when we found root cause, we started with the basics heal my gut, check to see if I have Genetic mutations that affected my ability to properly utilize critical vitamins + minerals treat the mold + check for viruses. I had a severe case of Epstein Barr, the doctor immediately started treatment and within 1 year I improved so much that I could practice again, but I still needed medications and flares. I knew abt NAD + when they told me they were going to start using it I immediately signed up. With a combination of IV and intranad NAD after a number of infusions intranasal treatment I was “cured”. I woke up and it was like I had reversed the clock to before that fateful day in 2015. Everything. Resolved occasionally I would get an electric shock, and I watch my diet when my gut gets sick, my body mind and soul get sick, but only minorly. I’m fully functional.

I’m getting my hobbies back, I’m making friends again, I’m thriving at work. I have my life back. This year I’ll be taking a German Language class something I never thought I’d be able to do again. My family is eternally grateful to have “me” back. I owe my life to the unwavering dedication of the entire tam at root cause. They never gave up on me, even when there were days I wanted to, or felt like it would never end. They assured me that in time I would heal, and I did and I can. my primary care doctor and ob-Gyn now keep ROOT CAUSE in their referred base because they have case after case they can’t help, people who come to them with complaints similar to mine, and now it’s my turn to help someone else by sharing my story. I hope you find health and wellness here at root cause; I am forever grateful.

–  Gretchen S. 

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