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The Doctors at Root Cause Medical Clinics Know what they’re doing

“I do not know where to start but let me say Root Cause gave me my life back. I had lots of issues that my regular doctor could not figure out. I went from doctor to doctor with no answers but feeling bad. I was always tired, had bad anxiety which I was never an anxious person. I had digestive imbalance that was causing all kinds of health issues. Had brain fog was not able to think clearly, let me just say I was a mess. Oh yeah and my thyroid was acting up. I was going to the ER a lot because I would just have these odd symptoms. A friend of mine had referred me to Root Cause because his daughter had similar issues. He kept telling me how they really helped his daughter regain her health back. So, I signed up for the consultation and I still was not sure if this would work for me but I decided to give it a try. Honestly, I’m so happy with my decision to start being their patient. They had completed labs that doctor would not order. Once I got the results back, they gave me a clear plan on how to fix my issues. At this point I decided that I needed my health back and stuck with the plan. It took time but I’m now 6 months into it and I feel so much better. I have my energy back and my digestive health has really improved. I’m still working on healing and I have learned so much in the process. I would like to thank Valeriya, Dr. Carlos and Rachel. As well as the awesome front desk staff. If you are struggling with health issues and you keep going from doctor to doctor with no solution. Try making an appointment at Root Cause the staff knows what they are doing and if you decided to be their patient just trust in what they are doing and give your body time to heal.”

Melissa H.

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A True Lifesaver!

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I was going blind but now I can see without glasses!

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