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Almost 100% Symptom Free from Gluten Intolerance!

“I came to Root Cause Medical Clinic to merely gather information about ways to alleviate extreme fatigue I’d been experiencing. For more than 10 years, I experienced a number of issues ranging from digestive to neck and back problems to just an overall bad/uncomfortable physical state.

Now not only am I almost 100% symptom-free, but I’ve learned about triggers, such as gluten, that cause my body to react negatively. I have learned that I’m gluten intolerant so I’ve modified my diet to eliminate gluten. I was a heavy coffee drinker, and I learned that caffeine was affecting my adrenal glands, which was causing my fatigue.

Overall, I feel like a normal human being!!!! It’d been so long that I’d forgotten what it was like to feel “normal” and pain-free. This wouldn’t have happened if it weren’t for the folks at Root Cause Medical Clinic.”

– Michael S.

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