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Hiatal Hernia Patient Testimonial

“Root Cause Medical is nothing short of a lifesaver. Seriously, without them, I’d be stuck with a messed-up vagus nerve, on my way to hiatal hernia surgery, and popping omeprazole pills like they were candy. It’s been years of struggling with autoimmune disorders, horrible acid reflux, sleepless nights, tachycardia and enough doctor visits and tests to fill a library. I mean, I did every heart and stomach test under the sun, and what did I get? “You’re fine, except for that hiatal hernia,” they said. But it wasn’t fine – not by a long shot. My heart rate couldn’t get above 120 without setting off a hiatal hernia explosion, and l’d need days to recover. It was like I had no life left. Everything I ate or did seemed to trigger some kind of episode. I was stick-thin because I was terrified to eat, and I couldn’t even hit the gym or stroll on the beach without my vagus nerve and heart rhythms going haywire.

And the worst part? Every single doctor told me it was all in my head. They even tried to prescribe me anxiety meds! But Dr. Rick and Dr. Vikki, they saw something different. For the first time, they listened, and I can’t even begin to tell you how much that meant to me. I bawled my eyes out when they explained that what I was feeling wasn’t just anxiety – it was part of this hiatal hernia syndrome thing.

Fast forward just one month of working with them, and bam! I’ve got my life back. Dr. Sterling, that genius, managed to work some magic on my stomach, got it back where it belongs, and set my vagus nerve free. He is an artist of proper body composition.

Now, I’m hitting the gym, chowing down healthy meals, hanging out with friends, and I’m feeling awesome. I’ve got this comprehensive toolkit of tricks to keep me on the up-and-up. It’s like a miracle, honestly. I can’t stop gushing about how Root Cause Medical gave me a second shot at being me again.

I’m telling everyone I know – if you’re going through a tough time with your health, these guys are the real deal. They saved my life, and I’II be forever grateful for that. Root Cause Medical, you’re my heroes! Thanks a million for giving me back the life I thought I’d lost for good.” – Sofia R.

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