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Here are Root Cause, Patients are Treated as Family

Root Cause Medical Clinic has put together a team of professionals that work together like a well-oiled machine.


From the moment you step in the door, you are treated as family with such care and compassion. The free consultation at the first appointment made me feel comfortable and confident. Valeriya took the time to ask me about my health concerns and goals and really listened and understood me while also explaining how Root Cause offers a unique approach to treatment that conventional medicine does not offer. The treatment coordinators were very upfront about cost and exactly what the program would entail.

I am SO glad I decided to do a functional medicine AND physical therapy program with them as I had both internal and structural issues that needed corrected and have been corrected because of them. I would 1000% percent recommend Root Cause for anyone looking for a natural and lasting approach to their healthcare.

Josuph S.

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ADHD, Anxiety, Acne and Learning Disabilities – Gone!

ADHD, Anxiety, Acne and Learning Disabilities – Gone!

Almost 100 percent Symptom Free from Gluten Intolerance!

Almost 100% Symptom Free from Gluten Intolerance!

They believed in me!

They believed in me!

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