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Life Changing – No headaches, anxiety or insomnia!

“The services I’ve received here have changed my life.  I had a stroke 6 months ago, and while I recovered very quickly, there was still something not right with me.  I had a hard time sleeping and was having constant heart palpitations and daily anxiety attacks.

Through the nutrition assessment, I discovered that I had food sensitivities to corn, quinoa, teff, and amaranth that I hadn’t known about.  Once I removed those, I took it a step further and removed all animal products.  A whole food plant-based diet was LIFE CHANGING!!

My 16-year-old son noticed it first.  He said, “Mom you’re not on the couch anymore feeling sick. You haven’t said you couldn’t take me to practice, or driving because you feel sick, in over 3 weeks.”  He was right!  I sleep so well now, my stomach doesn’t hurt all the time, and those horrible anxiety attacks have ceased altogether.

Chiropractic and physical therapy have helped tremendously.

With no more headaches, heart palpitations, anxiety attacks, or insomnia, I feel amazing!  Going on a plant-based diet and addressing food sensitivities saved my life!”

– Madeline M. – age 48

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Thank you doctors!

Thank you doctors!

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I am overjoyed by my results and incredibly thankful.

I am overjoyed by my results and incredibly thankful.

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