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Marked improvement in my diet

“When I came to Root Cause Medical Clinic it was because of the lack of guidance from my regular doctor. I found the doctors here to be very helpful in guiding me about my diet. Being close to 200 lbs and not feeling as well as I could, they brought me to a level where I was comfortable doing the diet and exercise. This last visit has shown marked improvement in my diet; I’m down to 179 lbs. The staff is kind and considerate. They are very concerned about your health and progress.

I enjoy the time I spend here and I’ll continue to come to improve my health. The original purpose of my visit was to take care of a painful right elbow. I had jammed the joint while gardening (stubborn weeds) and the doctors here gave me therapy that eventually cured the elbow pain completely.”


— Paulo M.

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Cured the injury COMPLETELY!

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