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NAD + IV Therapy Reduces Epstein-Barr and Mold Symptoms

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NAD + IV Therapy Reduces Epstein-Barr and Mold Symptoms


Gretchen has been doing regular IV Therapy sessions with Root Cause Medical Clinics since June 2022.


Since then, she has noticed significant improvement on her Epstein-Barr and mold symptoms. To compliment her Epstein-Barr Treatment, we had added IV Ozone and UV therapies which led to astounding results!


Now on her treatment’s rehabilitative phase, Gretchen is on NAD Therapy which is essential for her energy maintenance and neuro-cognitive repair.


Watch the video to learn more.


Have you always wanted to stay energetic, and maintain your optimal focus and brain function? Root Cause Medical Clinic offers NAD Therapy. It is considered to be as important as food, water and oxygen for the health of your body.


It is critical for:

-Your energy metabolism
-Mitochondrial function (which generate your cell’s supply of chemical energy)
-DNA repair which preserves your long term health, preventing cancer and genetic diseases
-Circadian rhythm which optimizes your sleep quality and day-time energy and alertness
-Enhances the expression of your longevity genes, called sirtuins



-Promotes healthy brain functioning
-Slows down cognitive decline
-Regenerates cells
-Boosts metabolism
-Decreases chronic fatigue
-Boosts energy levels
-Slows aging
-Reduces body inflammation


Please call 408-733-0400 or 727-335-0400 to get your NAD Therapy session scheduled!

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