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No more fatigue and moodiness!

“I remember asking Dr. Petersen how good should an almost 50-year-old feel. I didn’t know the answer to that, and to be frank, I was dubious that anyone could help me to feel much better than I did.

Boy, was I wrong! Between the program of adjustments and chiropractic care and the nutritional diagnosis and regimen, I am, literally, a new woman.

Within days of going on a modified elimination diet, I felt more energy, less fatigue, and even a lot less moodiness! I didn’t know exactly what the key was until my lab tests came back, but I knew they’d hit on something important. I never would have guessed at my intolerance for gluten without them.

Now, gluten-free for over 4 months, I have lost weight and I’m able to start reintroducing lactose into my diet.

Still, when Dr. Petersen claimed that their program of slowly de-stressing my adrenal system would allow me to be allergy-free, even from cats, I was again skeptical. I had been acutely allergic to cats since I was eleven years old. I couldn’t even be in the same room with them! However, last month, after three months of being gluten-free and caring for my adrenal system’s repair, I was able to pet a friend’s cat with no reactions! I never would have believed it.

I just want to thank everyone at Root Cause Medical Clinic. You have a wonderful clinic filled with helpful and caring professionals.”


— Nancy E.

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