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It’s hard when you are searching for so long for answers and no one in traditional medicine can help you. I couldn’t function. I mean I literally couldn’t function. I laid on my couch all the time because there was so much physical pain.

I remember walking down the hallway to come to this clinic, the carpet has a pattern and it was so disturbing to my nervous system – I felt like I couldn’t stand up.  Anywhere I went that had that type of flooring, like hotels or going to dance recitals with my daughter at convention centers, or where there were bright lights and noise, I just couldn’t tolerate any of those things. It was just like my whole nervous system was being attacked. Walking was hard because I didn’t have coordinated balance between my left and right side. That was one of my worst symptoms.

What helped me get better initially, was changing my diet and getting a lot of testing done that really revealed what my problems were. There were blood tests done, food testing. I think changing my diet right away was one of the main contributors to getting me back on track to being healthy. I had H. Pylori, which was a bacterial infection that Dr. Petersen found. Treating that helped with some of the symptoms.

Going to the physical therapy department here has helped significantly. My right side didn’t function the same as my left side and I didn’t have any strength on that side – I was very imbalanced.

Working with Dr. Rupa has been life changing. I’ve made huge strides in building strength and regaining balance.

We think maybe there was an infection on a cranial nerve or some kind of damage to a cranial nerve that caused the imbalance from left to right side. Physical therapy treatments have been so helpful in getting me back to everyday life; doing the normal things most people take for granted. I’m back to physical fitness and working out – this been a huge accomplishment.

Once I opened up my mind to having chiropractic adjustments done, it changed everything. My entire neck was out of alignment and the adjustments made a huge difference!

I’m happy that I found Root Cause Medical Clinic and was able to get my life back really through a natural, root cause approach. I had tried all the different medications and pills that numerous doctors and specialists threw at me. They didn’t work for me. Nothing had solved the problem. Everything they offered was just a band-aid for what was really happening.

I never thought there was anything wrong with me before I got sick. I just felt normal. I felt healthy. But what I realize now is that I was always anxious. Even as a child, I remember just all this anxiety I had all the time, and I just figured that was normal. I thought, “Oh this is how people live their life. This is just how everyone feels.” Now that we’ve balanced so many systems of my body, from muscles to joints to my digestive tract to my hormones, and changed my diet, it has made such a huge difference in my life. It’s hard to explain how much different and how much better I feel.  I have a calmness now that was never there before.

When I see other people going through struggles with their health that they can’t find a solution for, or if they are suffering from anxiety, depression, fatigue, or not able to lose weight – I always tell them my story. Relaying my story and my success with Root Cause Medicine is enough to spike their interest, “They say, okay, that makes sense, what is she doing?” And of course people who know me see such a huge difference in me now.

If you just want a quick fix, you can get that anywhere, but you’re not going to get down to what’s really causing the problem. I think that’s my personal opinion of what’s wrong with our medical society today – everything is so right now. Everything is quick and we want a quick answer right now. We want a solution right now and it doesn’t always work that way. Sometimes it’s trial and error of figuring out what works for your body. For me, I like the root cause approach and finding out what’s really causing the problem and treating it from that end. I’m never going back to temporary band-aids.

-Lisa P.

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