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Root Cause Medical Clinic found the Root Cause of my Hiatal Hernia!

“I am on their protocol and I have never felt better. I haven’t felt such relief in MONTHS!! I stumbled upon root cause because my allopathic doctors kept calling me crazy and told me I did not have a hiatal hernia. At first I trusted my allopathic doctors wholeheartedly and they said it was my gallbladder. I got my gallbladder removed in June of 2020 and it has caused so many issues (menstrual issues that I have never had before, digestion issues, having to be on supplements to aid fat digestion the rest of my life all things the doctors and surgeons never mentioned and gave me attitude when I asked for a second opinion).

I’ve had even more problems and was still dealing with my hiatal hernia issues. I begged for TWO years for an endoscopy, even before I got my gallbladder out, and the doctors at Kaiser literally called me a hypochondriac, diagnosed me with Generalized Anxiety Disorder (because the hiatal hernia was causing me to have panic attacks) and prescribed me anxiety meds and PPIs. I never took either. I finally had to file a claim against Kaiser and then they gave me an endoscopy, turns out I did have a 1cm sliding hiatal hernia. Never stop being an advocate for yourself. The last two years have been so hard. I regret removing my gallbladder, I truly believe it could have been saved (now that I know what I know). This Isn’t an ad and I haven’t been asked to post in here. I am posting because I feel so much better.

I know what it feels like to feel like death. I am a young 32 and it sucked being in so much pain. It felt like my life had been taken away. The unbearable chest pain, panic attacks, acid reflux, but root cause has found what has been causing the dysfunction in my digestive system and I’m currently treating it NATURALLY. No harmful, prescription meds. I’ve learned self control and have healed with food too. That was honestly the hardest part, but it ha been the most rewarding!

I also am back to working out 6 days a week, pilates on a reformer with intense ab moves 3 times a week! I finally feel like me again and I want to encourage all of you that is possible. Don’t give up! Keep advocating for your health! And before anyone asks, I won’t tell you my diet or what I am taking because it is individualized to me and my issues through blood & stool tests, you may have something completely different causing your hernia pain! There is light at the end of this tunnel!!!”

-Alice C.

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