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Root Cause Medical Clinics Facilities are Sleek, Chic and Clean!

Root Cause is probably one of the cleanest clinics I’ve ever been to.

The clinic is sleek, chic, and definitely cares about its clients. They provide complimentary water when you walk in. They create a homey-feel as they have couches and a modern-cozy lounge area. Whenever I walk into the clinic, I feel at peace because everything seems to be under control, and the air is super refreshing.

Not only is the architecture of the clinic amazing, but also the service. The employees ask everyone to wash their hands and take their temperature when they walk in; this is a great habit to control, especially during covid-19. The employees at Root Cause prioritize sanitation and their client’s health above all.

If their client needs help with their diet as well, the clinic offers an amazing array of healthy- dietary snacks that you could purchase at the front desk. The supplements are all natural and gluten free, and the doctors hand pick them and guide their clients to know what is more beneficial for their clients; this dedication proves the how high class the service is at Root Cause Medical Clinic. Love it here!

Sadaf S.

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