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ADHD, Anxiety, Acne and Learning Disabilities – Gone!

In May of 2016, I sought out assistance for my ADHD, Anxiety, Learning Disabilities, and Insomnia. I had been on and off medications for ADHD and Anxiety, but neither felt like they provided any assistance to my daily life. In fact, medicine often made my symptoms worse.

As a junior in high school at the time and an avid dancer, my life was unimaginably busy. Being the new kid in school did not make it any easier. Struggling with more than I knew at the time, I was skeptical of the treatment at Root Cause Medical Clinic. Nothing had worked before, so why would this? I decided to go in with an open mind and discovered I was dealing with far more than my labeled disabilities which were just surface symptoms.

I had adrenal fatigue and gluten sensitivity. Surprisingly, these two factors had been creating increased amounts of stress internally in ways I could not have imagined.

I now am completely cured of my adrenal fatigue, and do not consume gluten.

My ADHD and Anxiety symptoms decreased, my most crippling learning disabilities vanished, as well as my insomnia.

As for dance, I had many joint problems. These inconveniences hindered my athletic abilities and forced me to reduce my training hours. After years of physical therapy, I had improved moderately but still danced in pain. Without gluten, in my diet, my dance abilities soared to new heights. I have increased my hours of training tremendously and do not suffer the consequences of pain. I am physically stronger. I now plan to pursue my dream, and the love of dance in a college setting as a double major alongside English.

Without consuming gluten, my physical appearance has changed. I was never looking to lose weight but ultimately lost around 15 pounds. My acne cleared up, and now I rarely ever break out.

As a woman, my periods were always excruciatingly painful, and many times required medication to alleviate the pain. Without gluten and the help of my healthy lifestyle, periods are no longer painful, I simply never even feel them. The “normal” period symptoms are nonexistent to me.

Overall my life has changed in many aspects due to the help I received. As a senior in high school who works avidly in the rigorous academic environment of a community college, I can only see positives in my future.

Thank you Root Cause Medical Clinic!

– Abby B. (Age 18)

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