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I had been dealing with major anxiety, issues with sleeping, digestive imbalances…

“I’ve been a patient at Root Cause for a year and a half, starting on the integrative medicine side of the office. I had been dealing with major anxiety, issues with sleeping, digestive imbalances, and history with thyroid dysfunction.

All the way from the first phone call, to my consultation, to follow-ups, and guidance through care, my experience with the team has been nothing short of excellent. The office staff is incredibly helpful, professional, and friendly. Both Dr. Rick and Rachel are thorough in their approach to treatment and wonderfully generous with their wealth of knowledge. They have inspired me in numerous ways on how to cultivate a sustainable and healthy lifestyle. I found myself looking forward to my appointments with them to learn more about the complexities and brilliance of the human body. They not only care but educate their patients. My symptoms have improved drastically, and my body feels much more balanced. More importantly, I understand the why behind the symptoms I was experiencing, giving me the awareness of what shifts to make in my daily habits when I feel imbalanced.

Last September, after mentioning that I was struggling with headaches that appeared to be seasonal, Dr. Rick referred me over to the other side of the office. They squeezed me in that SAME day and after 15 minutes with Dr. Rupa, I was shocked to realize that the TMJ I had (and thought I would have to deal with for the rest of my life) was not only more than likely the cause of my headaches, but that I could expect to see improvement of up to 70% with my jaw clicking! About one month into my PT and chiropractic care with Dr. Sterling, headaches were gone and my jaw clicking reduced dramatically. I so enjoy the time I spend with the physical therapy team. Collectively, they have created a well-oiled machine; an authentically positive and supportive group of amazing people.

I’m so grateful for the entire Root Cause team! They truly approach the body from a holistic standpoint, with a group of experts who are dedicated to their patients!” – Kimberly D.

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