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I have a clear mind, motivation and energy!

“Over the last several years, I felt my mind and body slowly declining in health. I wasn’t “flying high” on life like I used to feel. My ability to juggle family, work and reserves were taking its toll. Something wasn’t right. I was increasingly fatigued and brain-fogged – coworkers and family took note. I thought I was eating well, but was slowly gaining weight. I reached an all-time high of 163 lbs (I’m only 5’4″). I suffered from head, neck, and backaches, eczema, high cholesterol, heartburn, and lots of irritability (my wife would agree). Bottom line…this jet was grounded! My primary care physician (PCP) visit was not pleasant. He was quick to prescribe simvastatin (for life) to address high cholesterol. He didn’t write down the other symptoms I was suffering from and suggested I “just eat better and work out more.” He had to attend to other patients…my visit was pushing the 15 min limit. In his mind, it was an easy fix.

I asked him if there was any way to avoid the simvastatin and whether or not we could get to “root cause”, as advertised in this Root Cause Medical Clinic ad I saw on TV. He just scoffed at the notion and said, “you gotta watch out – there are a lot of quacks out there trying to make a buck off you. Besides, I am solving your problem. Take the simvastatin and come back in 6 months for a follow-up.” I was treated like nothing more than a name and a number on a chart. Not good enough for me. As an engineer, I am well versed in root cause analysis. My PCP was useless. Enter Root Cause Medical Clinic – my jackpot discovery for 2008. I was thoroughly tested like never before! The high cholesterol (even on the when on simvastatin) was confirmed. I suffered from adrenal exhaustion. I was the poster-boy for something called “gluten intolerance” (WHAT?!), and it was all topped off with a bonus bug called Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori) found in my intestinal tract! It was an eye-opening and humbling experience. Time to bring the “high-flying” jet in for an overhaul. At least I was treated like a customer at Root Cause Medical Clinic – better yet…more like family!

Nearly five months later, I am a slim 142 lbs, free from H. pylori (a Class-I carcinogen – see, I did my research), my adrenals are back to “normal,” and I am well on my way to eating better for the rest of my life. ALL the credit goes to Root Cause Medical Clinic Medical and the entire staff. I now avoid gluten like the plague. When I do accidentally eat it (even just a trace), boy do I feel it! The elimination diet helped me determine that I am also sensitive to eggs, citrus, and dairy. The PT/Chiro combo has paid HUGE dividends. “Rupa said so!” is my fighting mantra!

I haven’t felt and looked this good since the 1990s (my wife – also a Root Cause Medical Clinic patient, would agree). I am flying high again juggling everything on my plate with ease, a clear mind, motivation and energy, and without simvastatin. Who’s the quack now, PCP?! Thank you, Root Cause Medical Clinic!”

Jefferson G.

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