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Suffering from Hiatal Hernia Stopped

“After several frustrating years of suffering with a 2 cm hiatal hernia and after seeing about 6 gastrointestinal doctors who couldn’t help me, I found Root Cause Medical Clinic and they have changed my life.   They specialize in treating hiatal hernias and understand the symptoms that come with hernias completely.  The program involves some testing for food allergies, etc., an expert dietician, a chiropractor who helps with comprehensive exercises to help the diaphragm and hernia. 

This is all overseen by a “team captain” doc who checks in frequently about my progress.  I don’t live near the clinic, so I have done this all via zoom videos and it has worked very smoothly.  The treatment takes quite a few months and is comprehensive.  I am so grateful I found them.  I can sleep at night again, and most of my symptoms are gone (they included anxiety, depression, trouble breathing, stomach pain, inability to sleep).  The hernia is here to stay, but reducing the symptoms and learning how to live with it day to day is the key.   The clinic’s approach is much safer and less complicated than surgery, which can be risky and not always effective.”  – J. G.

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5 lbs. away from my goal!

5 lbs. away from my goal!

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