• Didi says:

    Hi Dr. Vikki. You mentioned the use of progesterone but not the cream. Can you specify the type of natural progesterone you are referring to. Is it something oral I can get at my local health store? I’m currently on a gluten free, dairy free and caffeine free diet and would like to add progesterone too. Your blog has been really helpful to me in terms of treating my gut. It’s been about 3 weeks and the pain in my breasts has lessened. And another question I have is can fibrocystic breasts and hormonal imbalance cause night sweats?

  • Susan Rice says:

    Very informative — thank you! You mentioned taking natural progesterone and not cream. Which type do you recommend?

    • Dr. Vikki Petersen says:

      The best delivery system for progesterone is called a troche Susan. It is a small dissolvable substance placed between your upper gum line where it is delivered directly into your bloodstream.
      It is very easy and is described in depth on our website (www.RootCauseMedicalClinics.com) under services, bio-identical hormones.
      Let me know if that answers it for you.

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