• Ruby says:

    Thank you for the information. I needed to know the connection between gluten and glutamate as I am in the process of removing glutamates because of excitotoxicity resulting in tinnitus. I would like to addd, chaga is a powerful antioxidant which readily remove toxins, as well. All natural, too 😊

  • Elise says:

    Could you please provide links or citations for the research supporting these 2 paragraphs? I’d like to read more about this. It’s what I already figured out based on my own symptoms (overlapping mast cell activation/autoimmune issues plus a concussion that will not resolve), and I’d like to track down your sources to learn more.

    Gluten Enters Through the Gut But it Can Inflame the Brain
    We know that gluten can cause systemic (throughout the body) effects upon the immune system, even though they originate in the gut. It has also been very well researched that such gut irritation then activates immune cells in the brain (brain microglia) that initiate immunoexcitotoxicity (a process whereby the brain is subject to excitotoxic damage).

    When Brain Inflammation Occurs Once, Subsequent Events are More Damaging
    Once activated, the brain’s immune cells (microglia) can secrete a number of inflammatory substances. Once primed (meaning that it’s occurred once), the next time it is irritated the immune cells pour out excitotoxins creating neurological symptoms.

    • Dr. Vikki Petersen says:

      Hello Elise,
      I wrote that blog some time ago and while I’d love to do a “deep dive” back into the data, I unfortunately am a bit swamped with current activities.
      It is all well documented and I believe a good search on research papers will yield what you are looking for.
      I sincerely wish I could provide it for you but my “to do” list is excessive right at the moment.
      Let me know how it goes!

      Best to you,
      Dr Vikki

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