New Book on Hiatal Hernia Syndrome by Dr. Vikki Petersen

Dr. Vikki Petersen’s New Book on Hiatal Hernia Syndrome

Dr. Vikki introduces her new book on Hiatal Hernia Syndrome, how it came about, the hope it raises for people affected by the syndrome. She also invites you to the live event scheduled for Dec 4, 2021. [Publisher’s note: The event has already happened.]

When left untreated, a hiatal hernia can not only cause a great amount of discomfort; it can also lead to long-term health problems. The good news is that there is a treatment for hiatal hernia syndrome. The syndrome can be reversed. 

Transcript of the video

New book on Hiatal Hernia Syndrome by Dr Vikki PetersenI’d like to tell you about our new book on Hiatal Hernia Syndrome. This is a book that literally was decades in the making. It’s the only book of its kind because truly here, at Root Cause Medical Clinic, we are the only ones that truly understand this as a syndrome.

And I don’t say that at all egotistically, but statistics bear out.

Most doctors that patients go to have no idea what’s wrong with their patients. There are 20 different symptoms. Not all of them are on here, there wasn’t room enough. But there are 20 different symptoms underlying Hiatal Hernia Syndrome that when you realize it’s a stomach pushing up on diaphragm and getting in a position that anatomically it shouldn’t be in, one would think all the symptoms related would be digestive, and what conventional medicine says,” it’s basically acid reflux.” And that’s about it. Or when it gets really serious: “You’re not digesting any of your food“, and that’s when it’s a surgical intervention.

But we’re not talking about that. What [our book on Hiatal Hernia Syndrome] is discussing is mild-to-moderate hiatal hernias that can literally ruin a person’s life, cause them to be housebound, highly anxious, having heart palpitations, panic attacks, and really that’s how the story began.

But before I continue that story, I want to invite you to a very special event, which is my live book signing, to which you can also attend remotely. It’s Saturday December 4th, 2021 the Saturday after Thanksgiving, and it’s going to be live in the town where our California clinic is, Saratoga.

When you buy a ticket, you also get a signed copy of our new book on Hiatal Hernia Syndrome. That’s included in the price of the ticket. But whether you are remote or local, of course, join us. Seating is limited, so tickets are limited. If you are remote, please tell others about it, and you can be there remotely and it will be almost as good… minus the food!

You will learn a lot. What I love about what we do here, at Root Cause Medical Clinic, is that we’re always learning. We’re always growing because we’re working with patients and we’re solving problems better as we learn more.

My lecture will feature Dr. Rupa Chakravarty, who’s at the back of the book. She is our Doctor of Physical Therapy in California. She’s been doing extensive work on this, and when she first came to see us, she knew nothing about it. But as we’ve seen more patients (and there is a physical aspect of this), she has branched into a whole new area that is not included in the book because she just hadn’t collected enough data yet when we were writing the book Hiatal Hernia Syndrome. So, she’ll be presenting too.

The information is so interesting to the Physical Therapy community that she’s been asked to speak at an upcoming conference of theirs. You will literally be getting information from her “hot off the press” — even before the press — because it hasn’t even been officially presented yet… That’s upcoming next year [in 2022].

This will be live. Of course, you can ask all your questions whether you’re remote or in person, and really learn so much about this because the truth of the matter is that if you don’t suffer from this problem, undoubtedly you know somebody who does.

And that might sound like an overestimation, but this problem is so pervasive that people are suffering who don’t know their suffering. Because acid reflux is such a common symptom, and it’s the symptom that appears when this stomach pushes up and squirts its acid upward. That’s a very obvious symptom: you have heartburn, you have acid reflux, you have GERD, and it often sort of branches off from that.

But a lot of people don’t have that problem, or the acid is so subtly creeping up their esophagus. They don’t even know that they have acid reflux, but they’re short of breath; they have heart palpitations; they have panic attacks; they can’t digest; they’re bloated.

Again, 20 different symptoms associated with this, that are affecting so many Americans of literally every age. We have seen this in young professional athletes. I just spoke to a 22-year-old the other day, and he figured it out by searching online, finding my videos, and getting more information. He’s like “I think I’ve had this for a long time“, and he is only 22.

We see it in young mothers, we see it in the elderly, male and female. As we write on our book on Hiatal Hernia Syndrome, the syndrome is not particular about your age, not particular about your sex, but it can be devastating because when you’re not getting enough oxygen, a lot of things happen.

And it can be a very subtle lack of oxygen. Obviously, you’re still breathing, but because it’s not adequate, that’s when hard palpitations start, or shortness of breath starts. This young man told me: “I love to exercise, but all of a sudden I’m out of breath.” And he had his heart checked, and his lungs checked. That’s the typical thing. And of course, you want to do that. You want to get your heart and lungs checked when you’re having trouble breathing or your heart is beating irregularly or too rapidly, or you feel it — you’re not supposed to feel your heart beating unless you’re really exercising, then it’s okay.

But when you feel these things, sure, you’re running to the doctor and making sure everything’s fine. The problem is that conventional medicine tells patients their heart’s fine because it is, and their lungs are fine because they are, but that’s where it ends.

And then they say: “Oh, you’re under stress. Here’s an antidepressant“. And that’s their go-to over, and over, and over. These drugs that have literally life-threatening side effects are the go-to, other than chronically giving anti acids, which really destroy digestion and don’t allow you to assimilate your nutrition.

It’s such a dwindling spiral that happens. This is truly a very, very important topic. And we came about this decades ago, just working with patients, and we started seeing patterns and what not. Finally, it was probably five years ago, my husband said to me: “I think we have to write a book on Hiatal Hernia Syndrome, you know..

And it continued to evolve. But there are just so many stories that would break your heart and pull at your heartstrings, stories of people who are suffering and think they’re going crazy. I spoke to a young woman probably in her early thirties, and she goes: “I feel like I’m going crazy. Like my family doesn’t know what to do with me. I wake up in the middle of the night, I’m freaked out“. Imagine if you woke up in the middle of the night having a panic attack, how happy, how excited would you be to go to sleep at night? You wouldn’t be.

Then that anxiety feeds on itself, and then all of a sudden you really think you have a mental health problem… when it’s all stemming from this.

So I really encourage you to attend our event. I’d love your support. As I said, remote or local. We’d love to see you in person, of course, but remote it, you will get just as much out of it. And again, we love your support. Get a ticket, get a copy of our new book on Hiatal Hernia Syndrome, and tell all your friends.


Dr. Vikki Petersen’s new book on Hiatal Hernia Syndrome is available on Amazon. Get it here.
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