Hiatal Hernia Surgery: Why You [Likely] Don’t Need It

Is Hiatal Hernia Surgery Needed? Unlikely

Is hiatal hernia surgery necessary in most cases? (Spoiler alert: No). How do we treat Hiatal Hernia Syndrome naturally? What can you expect during the treatment program created by Root Cause Medical Clinic? Can you do anything about your hiatal hernia if you can’t be treated at our medical clinics? (Spoiler alert: yes!).

Dr. Rupa Chakravarty, Doctor of Physical Therapy, discusses the topic. Watch this interesting video.

Transcript of the video

You don’t need hiatal hernia surgery [if your hernia is mild-to-moderate]. You can completely treat it and manage the condition at home, at your own pace, through simple home-based remedies. Just follow my tailored approach to your hiatal hernia treatment and you will get the same exact blueprint of relief.

Evaluation Process: is hiatal hernia surgery needed?

telemedicine in the context of treatment to avoid hiatal hernia surgeryLet’s discuss a personalized approach to the treatment of hiatal hernia. First, I like to gather all the data, your subjective data, and objective findings. That means I will be doing an evaluation. Now, this is going to be remote [telehealth sessions], and I know it sounds weird, but believe me, I can still get a lot of data by making you do different tests remotely.

I will show you what to do. You do it in front of me, and that’s how I gather data. So that’s going to be the first step of the evaluation process.

The second step is starting with the sessions themselves. The treatment sessions themselves run 30 to 40 minutes. A session is divvied up into the hands-on component (the manual therapy component which is a very important aspect of the treatment), and specific exercises.

I show you what to do on myself and you follow it, doing the same techniques on yourself. I watch you over the video and tell you and guide you if you’re doing it correctly: if the pressure is right, if the maneuvers are correct, and I’m constantly guiding you through the process. That’s the first part of the session.

The second part of the session are very specific exercises, which are completely catered to your hiatal hernia. As the sessions progress, remember I’m your guide through the process. We are going to move aggressively, I expect you to be committed to the program, I expect you to be doing these exercises on a regular basis, but I’m there for you.

Avoiding hiatal hernia surgery

A healthy doctor-patient relationship is necessary to avoid hiatal hernia surgery in mild-to-moderate casesSo I’m going to handhold you through this entire duration [of the program]. Any problems that you have, whether it’s the exercises, whether it’s the techniques, you can always address it with me, and we can always kind of take a back step and revisit those maneuvers and those techniques and exercises. It’s a very self-based therapeutic program. Everything is dependent on what you can do and what you cannot, and I constantly modify it, dependent on what you can and what you cannot do.

At the end of the program, I will again have a reevaluation in which we will discuss, and again, go through all the objective data findings, which we did for the first evaluation. That gives me an idea and you an understanding as to whether you made gains through this program, whether it was helpful, whether your symptoms went down.

It’s a step-by-step, highly, highly objective program, completely tailor-made to suit your needs and avoid hiatal hernia surgery. A picture speaks a thousand words, as the expression goes. Enjoy this video to give you an understanding as to how this whole telehealth personalized approach works. Schedule an appointment with me so then we can get to the root cause of your hiatal hernia.

You most likely don’t need hiatal hernia surgery.

Our therapeutic approach

Root Cause Medical Clinic in Clearwater FLRoot Cause Medical Clinic does not follow the traditional pill-popping therapeutic approach. On the contrary, we observed that the body can repair itself quite well in most cases as long as the stressors that prevent its healing are removed the life of the patient. Our therapeutic approach is rooted in Functional Medicine, which goes to the root cause to unmask the fundamental issues, rather than masking them with pills.

Our medical team gathers several doctors from several fields of specialty: medicine, chiropractic, nutrition, physical therapy. Each doctor brings to the table a number of years of clinical experience, to help zero in on the “why” of your condition. Why does this organ or system suffer? What is the root cause that underlies the condition?

Whatever the finding, we elaborate a fully tailored treatment program that aims are remedying this root cause. Our success rate is high, about 85% of our patients experience a successful outcome.  We work in close communication with them to create and adjust a customized treatment. The quality of the relationship our patients have with the doctors who treat them is paramount to the success of the program, just as much as the willingness of our patients to make the diet and lifestyle adjustments we recommend.

We consult and treat people in two ways:  You can come to our medical clinic in Clearwater, FL, and receive your treatment and follow-up sessions in person, with the medical specialists working with you. You can also consult our doctors remotely, in the context of telehealth or telemedicine video sessions. Telehealth has become a practice accepted nationwide, and there many conditions it can address successfully.

Root Cause Medical Clinic is located at the corner of S. Ft Harrison and Magnolia in downtown Clearwater. Parking space is not a problem at our facility. If you prefer to consult via telemedicine, we offer this service in several states in which our doctors are licensed to practice. Please call our office to get the details and schedule an appointment.

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