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How I Overcame Insomnia, Boosted Energy, and Regained Hormonal Balance

“I went to Root Cause to get help with my insomnia and low energy level. The dietician helped me sort out what and what not to eat. And I also got help with my hormones which were completely out of whack. I lost weight, I have more energy, I get great sleep and my hormones are balanced. Because of my great results I recommended Root Cause to my family as well.

One family member experienced relief from chronic shoulder pain (no surgery) and improvement of an overactive bladder. Some neurological issues were addressed and handled as well. I recommend Root Cause to anyone wanting to improve their health and get long lasting results.” – Christy D.

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Root Cause did a thorough job in analyzing my problems!

Root Cause did a thorough job in analyzing my problems!

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