Does Milk Cause Cancer?

Should you stop consuming dairy? Is dairy causing cancer?

Study of almost 400,00 confirms that higher blood levels of IGF-1 are a risk factor for several types of cancer. Cow milk contains IGF-1 that is structurally identical to human IGF-1.

Using data records from the NHS up until 2016, the researchers could identify which of the sample donors went on to develop one of 30 different types of malignant cancers, within an average period of seven years. In total, 23,412 (5.9%) of the participants developed a malignant cancer.

To test for an association between raised IGF-1 levels and cancer risk, the researchers adjusted the statistical analyses to correct for a range of other characteristics including age, sex, geographical region, ethnicity, physical activity, smoking, alcohol consumption and (for women) HRT use.

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