Does Milk Cause Cancer?

Does dairy cause cancer?

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By Dr. Vikki Petersen

Research shows that milk is associated with cancerDoes milk cause cancer? Let’s really look at the facts: Dairy is the milk of a cow; you’re not a cow. That might sound silly, but the bottom line really is that as mammals, we make milk for our offspring. If you look at the size of a baby cow versus a baby human, there’s a big difference in weight. Human milk is very, very different from cow’s milk. There’s a lot of discrepancies just in mammalian milk and the fact that a human and cow are very different.

There’s also the fact that milk has what’s called IGF (Insulin-like Growth Factor). and just think growth, right? Mommy’s giving the baby milk to help the baby grow. Again, huge distinction between the size of humans and the size of cows. Also the bottom line is that we only grow up to a certain age, and then we’re supposed to stop growing. Certainly we want to repair the body, but a growth factor is actually then, once we’ve stopped growing, more associated with diseases such as cancer.

The foods that are very high in IGF, this insulin-like growth factor, are known to be deleterious to our health. But just in the past two years, it’s early 2023 as I’m filming this, but between 2020 and 2022, many studies have come out associating drinking milk with prostate cancer. Very strong association there, as well as breast cancer and liver cancer.

If you say, “no, no, no, milk’s great for you!”, do a little interesting study: go back and look at the ads. “Milk builds strong bones”. Why don’t you see that anymore? Because we know it doesn’t. We know the fact that milk is actually deleterious to your bone strength. The more milk you drink, the more osteoporosis you’re likely to get. So that was refuted. That’s why you don’t see those ads anymore.

“Milk does a body good”. That was general enough. Nope, that was also pulled because there wasn’t enough support. As a matter of fact, there was more than enough to show that it doesn’t do a body good.

The most recent, going back a few years, (you don’t see too many milk ads anymore): “Milk can be part of a healthy breakfast”. <Laugh>. That’s what they had to get it down to because believe me, they got very creative in trying to figure out a lot of ways to support their product. And it was not permitted, absolutely not permitted to lie to the public.

So, really consider your dairy intake. Milk does not do a body good. The association with cancer is quite prevalent, and I think we’re just gonna see more and more of it. But this is a cautionary tale to get cow’s milk out of your diet.

Now we can talk later about soy milk and almond milk. And by the way, soy gotta be, gotta be organic, otherwise don’t go anywhere near it because of the GMO factor. There’s soy and almond and flax and oat milk, and there’s a lot of different non-dairy milks out there that don’t have this association [with cancer] because they don’t come from an animal.

Hopefully that helps and definitely send your questions.

Additional data:

Published research find associations between milk consumption and cancersA study of almost 400,000 individuals confirms that higher blood levels of IGF-1 are a risk factor for several types of cancer. Cow milk contains IGF-1 that is structurally identical to human IGF-1.

Using data records from the NHS up until 2016, researchers could identify which of the sample donors went on to develop one of 30 different types of malignant cancers, within an average period of seven years. In total, 23,412 (5.9%) of the participants developed a malignant cancer.

To test for an association between raised IGF-1 levels and cancer risk, researchers adjusted the statistical analyses to correct for a range of other characteristics including age, sex, geographical region, ethnicity, physical activity, smoking, alcohol consumption and (for women) HRT use.

Source: Research study – Milk consumption associated with cancer

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